Peace 2.0 

A Party Wall Agreement provides clarification about the ownership and maintenance obligations for the shared wall to prevent and avoid disputes.

Queen’s Gambit 
With the commercial and real estate markets in flux, more real estate litigation is happening because buyers and sellers are trying to back out of closings. Here's how to prepare by drafting the most airtight contract possible.
Avoiding Deadlock 


Anchors Away 


Negotiating Finesse 

The year is coming to a close. Now is the time to consider charitable donations for today and tomorrow.

Individuals may think about what charities have made a difference in their lives. Or ask themselves what legacy they want to create. Now Alfred Nobel is not remembered as a cannon manufacturer but for funding the prestigious Nobel Prizes.

Industrial Rising 
By 2030, millennials will comprise about 75 percent of the workforce. This generation is driving changes in all sectors, and the next to be affected is industrial. Industrial employees want amenities and creative spaces too, so industrial spaces will need to be modified to fit those needs.