Gross-Up Provisions 

Tenants benefit from having fixed variable costs. 6442451018 In the cyclical world of real estate investment, property owners and their lenders have long sought ways to minimize their financial exposure as vacancy rates rise and fall. If left unaddressed, vacancy volatility undermines the ability of a land

Retail Tenant Bankruptcies 

Despite a strengthening economy, the retail sector continues to face challenges. Since late 2014, several prominent retailers — including Brookstone, Coldwater Creek, Loehmann’s, Crumbs Bake Shop, Wet Seal, and most recently, Radio Shack — filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy. While

Splitting Fees 

Foreign Capital Buys Offices In 2014, foreign capital was particularly focused on office assets, purchasing $17 billion of U.S. office properties, according to CBRE. That amount represents 45 percent of last year’s foreign investment in U.S. commercial real estate. More

Going to the Source 

Real estate agents and brokers often make disclosures without attributing information sources. In so doing, they become the source of the information. When the information is accurate, there is no problem. When the information is inaccurate, however, the agent or

China’s Fall? 

Do homefront woes signal the end to U.S. investment? China's slowing economy, devalued currency, roller-coaster-like stock market, government focus on domestic growth, rumored delays in further financial liberalization - surely all this spells the end of the Chinese investment boom in U.S. real estate? Isn't