Manufactured Homes 

It is evident that demographic trends are creating a greater need for affordable housing for the largest aging population in our nation’s history. Financial analysts are reporting that big investors are betting heavily on the rising demand for low cost

Condo-Hotels Return 

A series of complex legal issues and Securities Exchange Commission regulations have historically impeded the sale of condominium hotel units. New SEC rules adopted under the Jumpstart our Business Startups, or JOBS, Act of 2012 have loosened the legal structure

Lease to Sell 

When an owner considers the sale of a retail property, the process begins not the day a listing goes online but two or even three years beforehand. A smart owner will assemble a team to develop and execute a plan

Cell Tower Leases 

Wireless carriers and tower companies own or manage cell towers on land leased from various property owners across the country. Property owners collect ancillary lease income, the amount of which depends on tower location, local population density, and nearby traffic

Donation Equation 

A tremendous opportunity exists for commercial real estate agents to produce additional income and public relations benefits by providing professional services to some of the 1.6 million U.S. public charities. These charities process roughly $3 billion in real estate donations

Auto Site Selection 

When seven story new car dealerships are being built, it is a sign that fortunes are changing in the recently battered automobile industry. While the next development cycle for auto dealerships is just beginning, it is certainly underway. And, while