Restructuring Rights 

Credit tenant lease, or CTL, financing can be an attractive alternative to traditional real estate loans. Owners and developers with investment grade tenants can take advantage of CTL financing to obtain long term, fixed rate loans up to the full

CMBS Maturity Wave 

Six years ago marked the beginning of the global economic crisis. Since that time lenders have been working at a rapid pace to resolve distressed loans that were coming into delinquency at record rates. Today, the economy has returned to

Carbon Credits 

Energy and carbon credits can help to reduce variable operating expenses, increase net operating incomes, lower capitalization rates, increase internal rates of return, and mitigate risk. These dynamics reflect the changing characteristics of socially responsible investment models and create a

Appealing Appraisals 

Each year, appraisal districts send out property valuations, and upon receiving a building’s assessed value, owners and investors spend time on appeals to receive what they believe is a fair value. Property taxes are one of the largest line item

Defeasing CMBS Loans 

With the real estate market on a significant upswing and lenders across the U.S. loosening their purse strings, defeasance activity has picked up substantially over the past two years. According to industry reports, more than $13.2 billion of commercial mortgage

Money Talk 

Finding today’s best commercial real estate financing is a very different assignment than it was a decade ago. Savvy commercial real estate investors know that economic factors, such as jobs and geography, play a bigger role than in previous years.