Foreign Investment in U.S. Is Looking Up 

With commercial real estate market conditions improving dramatically over the past three years, foreign investment interest in the United States has increased steadily. Surging lease rates, strong employment conditions, a robust economy, and low interest rates have made U.S. real

Extended-Stay Hotels 

Good hotels used to promise guests everything but the kitchen sink. Nowadays, they’re throwing that in as well. Fully equipped kitchens are just one of the many extras being built into a rapidly growing segment of the hospitality industry extended

Coping with Natural Disasters 

Editor’s note The devastating flooding in the Red River Valley of North Dakota and surrounding areas in April 1997 brought myriad problems for residents and businesses. But the experience also offers some insight on how commercial real estate professionals can

Down in the Dumps over Prior Use and Condition 

Commercial real estate transactions often involve complex issues of prior use and condition. Occasionally, owners or real estate agents say that a property is in a certain condition—a statement that turns out to be in error. But what liability, if

Executing a Construction Exchange 

While the benefits of deferring taxable gain make the Internal Revenue Code (IRC) Section 1031 exchange an attractive option to investors and other property owners, strict rules govern the timing of such transactions. The general rules of a tax deferred

Bet on Strong Commercial Real Estate in Nevada 

Anyone who’s been to Las Vegas lately knows how quickly it’s growing and changing. The famous Strip boasts an increasing number of new and expanded hotel casino projects, just a sampling of which includes the New York New York Hotel

Collective Marketing Comes of Age 

Like an incurable romantic who believes every human being has one perfect mate, Tim Ernst, CCIM, is an incurable marketer who believes every property has one perfect buyer—the one willing to pay the most money. It’s a challenge akin to

Taxpayer Relief Act of 1997 Gives Partnerships More TEFRA Flexibility 

The Taxpayer Relief Act of 1997 benefits partnerships, offering several changes that add flexibility to the application of the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) partnership audit procedures contained in Sections 6221 through 6233 of the Internal Revenue Code. These provisions, known

Smart and Ready 

Successful commercial real estate in the 21st century will be smart and ready. The philosophy behind this concept is the simple notion of combining global connectivity and quality commercial property into a single, integrated product. Real estate is either digitally

Real and Imaginary Computer Viruses 

You’re putting together a last minute property presentation for an important client and you’re trying to get the cash flow projections correct, you’re downloading demographic data from the Web, and you’re building maps off your CD ROM mapping program. Suddenly,

High-Rising Markets 

For commercial real estate, the penetration of national and international influences into local markets has become pervasive to a degree unimagined a generation ago. From hotels catering to worldwide tourism to office towers housing foreign banks, from the manufacturing plants

Legislation Gets off the Ground 

The direction and timing of legislation and regulation may sometimes seem as erratic as a current of air, yet few events have more impact on real estate sales and operations. While predicting the exact nature of future legislation is difficult

Who Will Drive Future Demand? 

What needs will your tenants have in 10 to 15 years? What kinds of housing will they be looking for? What products will retailers be offering them? Where will they want to work? Getting to know how the major demographic