Getting Paid When Purchase Options Are Exercised 

One of the most difficult tasks for a real estate agent may be the successful collection of a commission due upon the renewal or an extension of a lease. Listing agreements will often state that not only is the agent's

CINerds in Cyberspace 

Mr. Broker then pushes the buttons on his video phone. This links him directly to the central computer, which takes five seconds to scan all the properties available in the location desired. A printed sheet then comes out of the

The Canadian Marketplace 

With the ongoing debate over the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) and the collapse of the peso early last year, much of the attention in the international business world has focused on U.S. Mexican trade. (See "Doing Business in

The Rise of the Lease Audit 

As businesses attempt to increase productivity while consolidating their administrative staffs and reducing their space needs, they are taking advantage of outside services that increase efficiency and help control costs. One of these services, auditing a company's real estate leases,

The Year Ahead 

Navigating the treacherous real estate markets of the first half of this decade required an intense concentration on immediate pitfalls and hazards. Short range vision had to be acute for many, the survival of entire enterprises was at stake. As

The Memphis Study 

Editor's note During February 1993, Jeff Siebold, CCIM, of The Siebold Group in Jupiter, Florida, and Martin Edwards, Jr., CCIM, of Edwards Management in Memphis, Tennessee, formed an alliance to study the Memphis multifamily housing market. Edwards, a 25 year

The REIT Stuff 

During the credit drought of the early 1990s, real estate investment trusts (REITs) played a crucial financial role in the commercial investment real estate industry. When funding from traditional lenders dried up, REITs moved in and greatly expanded their role

Office Construction Lending: Proceed with Caution 

The dramatic improvement of the office market during 1994 and 1995 has beenthe subject of much discussion in the real estate investment community.Attesting to its recovery was the decrease in the national office vacancyrate from 19.4 percent in 1993 to

New England Has Not Forgotten the Bad Times 

Living and working south of Boston, Kathleen A. Douglas, CCIM, is taking part in the long sought stabilization of New England's commercial real estate market. After several years of a bad economy, Douglas has been very busy marketing land this

Is Your Partnership Really a Partnership? 

The partnership is often the preferred business structure for real estatedeals because of the flexibility that partnership taxation gives theinvolved parties. Generally, income or losses flow through a partnershipand are taxable or deductible in the tax returns of the individualpartners