Make the Investment 

While computer technology no doubt is changing how real estate deals are transacted, there is little agreement—or hard data—on how brokers can best use the new electronic tools at their disposal. Is it really feasible to throw up a Web

A Commercial Real Estate Tour of Central and Western Canada 

Canada's four central and western provinces of British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, and Manitoba together equal about a quarter the land size of the United States. However, with a combined population of just over 7.9 million people, much of the provinces'

The REIT Marketplace 

The real estate investment trust (REIT) boom continues as it prepares to enter its eighth year in 1998. Last year produced one of the strongest returns yet for REITs and their investors, but 1997 is gaining ground fast. While caution

Taking Steps toward REIT Reform 

Although the performance of real estate investment trusts (REITs) has been stellar in the past several years, the tax code governing REITs is long overdue for an overhaul. In fact, the last substantive change in the tax code involving REITs

Repent: The End of Your Computer Is Near 

New millennia bring with them fears of many kinds people dredge up ancient prophecies of the world ending, the sun exploding, or other doom. Modern technological development has inoculated us against most of those fears, so I am pleased in

Open Season on Lease-Stripping Transactions 

In a proposed regulation, the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) is trying to close the door on lease stripping transactions, which property owners have used for many years to shift income and deductions between taxpayers to minimize tax obligations. The IRS

Letters of Intent 

To avoid wasting time and money pursuing deals that eventually do not close, many buyers and sellers memorialize the most significant agreed upon deal points in a letter of intent (LOI) before they start incurring major legal and other transaction

Landlords Must Seek Replacement Tenants for Breached Leases 

Traditionally, the landlord tenant relationship, one of the oldest legal arrangements in the history of British and American law, was governed by the principle, "He who has the gold rules." Change–and tenants' rights–have come slowly and with difficulty. While consumer

Military Base Reuse 

It's been said that old soldiers never die they just fade away. Old military bases, on the other hand, need some help in their transformation to a new life. As the list of bases nationwide being closed or realigned has

Is This the Only Option? 

The U.S. office market is gaining strength, prompting both private and public real estate investors to focus on acquisitions in this segment. The recovery, however, has not touched all levels of office product with equal intensity. While trophy buildings are

Software Buyer's Guide 

Improved compatibility—entering data once and transferring it from program to program improved connectivity sharing data across the office, across the country, and around the world and updates to Windows 95 and beyond—that's what the new generation of portfolio management and