East Meets West 

Downtown Los Angeles is proof that the U.S. commercial real estate market has become an international playing field. Properties are trading hands across the seas, moving in some cases from Japanese portfolios into those of a new wave of Asian

Hiring an Environmental Consultant 

Environmentally impacted —not that long ago, these two words spoiled more deals than the bankruptcy card in Monopoly. Buyers and real estate professionals were quick to run to greener pastures and sellers were stuck holding properties more stigmatized than an

CPI Reforms Could Affect Commercial Real Estate 

In December 1996, a Senate Finance Committee appointed commission of economists suggested that the U.S. Consumer Price Index (CPI) overstates cost of living increases by about 1.1 percentage points annually. The CPI currently is rising at an annual rate of

Co-Brokerage Commissions: Sorting Out Who Gets What 

In most states, the laws describing when real estate agents are entitled to commissions are straightforward and clear. Typically, certain provisions of the commission agreement must be in writing. These usually include the listing's start date, end date, and, of

What Are Lenders Looking For? 

As money makes the world go 'round, procuring capital goes hand in hand with the commercial investment real estate business. Financing sources are as varied as the projects they're funding from banks and mortgage companies to insurance companies and pension

Tailoring Presentation Techniques to Your Client 

Effective communication with the audience is the goal of every presentation. But with the overwhelming amount of technology at our disposal to create electronic and printed presentations, this goal is sometimes lost between the 18th bullet point and the 25th

Self-Employment Tax Can Snare Limited Partners and LLC Members 

The self employment (SE) tax "punch" has been one of the fastest growing components of the federal tax burden over the last dozen years. In 1980, the maximum tax imposed on self employment earnings capped out at $2,098. In 1996,

Real Estate Sale-Leasebacks 

To most users of real estate, the control and use of a property is all that is necessary. That said, actually owning the property isn't always necessary to achieve those goals. With leasing, users can control and use properties without

Restaurant Site Selection 

Today alone, nearly half of all adult Americans will order a meal in a restaurant or a food service outlet. The tab will come to about $875 million—and before you reach for that check—consider that this happens every day of

Mapping Programs for Every Budget 

Finally, you can cancel that National Geographic subscription. Gone are the days of unfolding a paper map on top of the Xerox and making copies. Now you can buy mapping programs with features ranging from simply identifying a property's location

High on Colorado Commercial Real Estate 

Attention commercial investment real estate professionals Don't go to Vail, Colorado, unless you can afford to spend a lot of downtime skiing. "There's not enough commercial activity in this county for one CCIM to do nothing but commercial real estate