Commercial Real Estate Back in the Heart of Texas 

Texas’ major markets are bustling with real estate activity, having rebounded from the recession that followed the area’s oil boom of the early 1980s. "The economy is very strong," says Scot C. Farber, CCIM, of Jones Lang Wootton in Dallas.

CMBS Market Developments 

The emergence of the commercial mortgage backed securities (CMBS) market during the 1990s is rapidly changing how commercial real estate is financed. The CMBS issuance activity level has experienced nearly a ninefold increase from $5 billion in 1990 to $44


Contact management software isn’t just your Rolodex transferred to a computer file. Many of today’s programs offer much more than a database for listing contacts and phone numbers they throw in word processing programs, activity and project managers, e mail

Collecting Commissions When Exclusive Agreements Are Breached 

What happens when a property owner attempts to circumvent paying a commission to a broker, particularly in the face of an exclusive listing agreement? A Superior Court decision in New Jersey in 1986, Kislak Co., Inc., v. Seymour Geldzahler (210

The REIT as a Strategic Real Estate Tool 

Real estate investment trusts (REITs) are becoming a strategic business and planning tool for a corporation’s real estate. When properly structured, a company can transfer its real estate free of current taxation to a REIT as part of an initial

They Built It Their Way 

For years, corporations considered themselves accidental owners of real estate, backed into ownership merely because they needed someplace to conduct their business. Now, driven by a sea change in how business is conducted, a desire to control their own destinies,

Top 10 Mistakes in Business E-mail 

E mail has become an accepted—even crucial—part of the commercial real estate business. But it has happened so quickly that many people begin using this technology without realizing that there are some important rules to observe to make sure it

Handling Hostile Questions 

In 1995, ABC Properties proposed developing a 10 story, 170,000 square foot building in XYZ Township, just outside a commercially zoned area where the tallest building was only four stories high. The site, according to an environmental impact study, was

Land Valuation in the Raw 

The valuation of raw land presents unique challenges. The analyst is working with a blank canvas of sorts, forced to analyze a variety of factors and make rational assumptions about a site’s best potential use. At a minimum, a broker

Plug in to Outlets 

It’s those three little words that often are impossible to resist What a deal. For serious shoppers, it’s the designer overcoat marked down to $400 from its original $1,200 price tag others may be happy with a pair of seersucker

Telecommunications Talk 

Car and cellular phones, portable fax machines and computers, personal digital assistants—10 years ago most of these devices did not exist today, it seems like everyone owns them. All of these devices require transmission facilities, and the accompanying explosion of

Unearthing History 

From a preservationist’s point of view, land is like a vertical history book—the deeper you dig, the more you discover about earlier uses. Shards of pottery, soil composition, and the odd glass bead often can reveal what constituted the highest