Going Steady in Kansas City 

The steady commercial investment market in the Kansas City region reflects its midwestern location. The difference between Kansas City and the two coasts is as sharp as the difference between Manhattan in New York and Manhattan, Kansas. "Yes, it's boring

Capital Consortium: Lowering the Barriers for the CMBS Market 

At the height of the 1992 real estate capital crunch, the Real Estate Roundtable at Harvard University formed an offshoot, the Capital Consortium, to aid the development of a broader based commercial mortgage backed securities (CMBS) market. The Capital Consortium

Righting the Wrongs of Rights to First Refusal 

During lease negotiations, landlords commonly grant tenants future rights in the form of either a right of first refusal or an option to purchase often without anticipating possible problems that these rights may cause. The 1993 Massachusetts case Hawthorne's, Inc.,

Shopping Spree 

Editor's note In 1995, members of The Bierschenk Group, Inc., spent three months looking for the right multitenant retail property to complete a client's exchange. Such an intensive search of one property type yielded considerable insight into how to evaluate

Reinvesting in America's Cities 

Atlanta's short term solution is unique, but its underlying problems are not. Its efforts to profit from hosting the 1996 Summer Olympics include using the temporary inflow of funds provided by broadcast rights to the games and apartment rentals to

Rediscovering Historic Values in Denver 

The redevelopment trend in Denver began in 1968 as the city's first large scale historic renovation, Larimer Square, was nearing completion. Consisting of 260,000 square feet of buildings constructed around 1880, they were being restored by a local visionary, Dana

Saving Sommerset 

Mention Madison, Wisconsin, and people may respond with a snide comment about the city's politically radical past and politically correct present. But Madison has gone far beyond these roots. The metropolitan population now totals 360,000 its economic base includes numerous

New Guidance for Passive Loss Relief 

In the mid 1980s, Congress wanted to perform economic "surgery" to excise the tax shelter industry from the otherwise healthy economy. For this delicate operation, it chose just the right tool a chainsaw Internal Revenue Code (IRC) Section 469. These

The New York City Empowerment Zone 

New York City, along with many cities nationwide, is undergoing stabilization and growth in commercial real estate markets, resulting in the revitalization of inner city neighborhoods after years of decline. Large retailers, discount stores, national restaurant chains, and franchises after

The Value of Hard Times 

Kathleen A. Douglas, CCIM, president of the Douglas Company in Hingham, Massachusetts, talks a great deal about value when she discusses her work. Involved in land use as well as marketing and leasing general commercial properties, she speaks about creating

Surviving an IRS Audit of Your Exchange 

When taxpayers receive an Internal Revenue Service (IRS) audit notice for an exchange transaction, they typically call their CPAs first. If you brokered the transaction, you are next in line to be contacted by the taxpayers to assist in preparing