CCIM Writers and Readers 

Two CCIMs are among the feature authors for Commercial Investment Real Estate magazine’s September October 2008 issue. Individual CCIM members sharing their expertise and experience is what sets CIRE apart from other industry publications. If you’re a designee or candidate

CCIM Career News(3) 

Adrian Aron Arriaga Sr., CCIM, broker owner of AAA Real Estate & Investments in McAllen, Texas, received the CCIM Institute faculty’s Five Year Service Award. Patrick D. Clark,CCIM, vice president of property management at Wright, Runstad, & Co. in Auburn,

Buyers Guide(3) 

You Can Hear Me Now Wi Ex’s zBoost cell zone signal booster improves indoor cell phone coverage up to 3,000 square feet by capturing the wireless signal outside, bringing it inside, and amplifying it. The system includes an outdoor antenna,

Bankable Strategies 

In today’s challenging economic times, commercial real estate professionals are at risk of losing business, particularly since real estate cycles tend to trail economic cycles. However, all hope is not lost just because the property investment market is

The Analysis Advantage 

Analyzing property investment opportunities based only on available market information, generalized market predictions, and gut instincts can lead to what commercial real estate professionals may think are the best decisions for their clients. But these strategies can be risky, particularly

CCIM Spotlight: Designation Inspiration 

While other students burned the midnight oil to prepare for a 2005 CCIM final exam, Jeremy G. Woods, CCIM, SIOR, was thinking beyond the pin. Surrounded by his course materials and notes, Woods, now senior director of industrial services for

Compound Logic 

In today’s highly competitive market, commercial real estate professionals continually look for ways to enhance their value to clients. Fortunately one of the best tools for accomplishing this value add status may be the well known Section 1031 tax deferred

Border Town Success 

In the past year, in the U.S. Canadian border city of Blaine, Wash., commercial real estate sales have been almost exclusively Canadian transactions. The Canadian dollar, or Loonies, has risen in value, making buying U.S. property a bargain. For example,

Regional Outlook(4) 

Markets to WatchNew York — Despite the fact that 1Q08 co op and condo sales dropped 34 percent from 1Q07, New York’s for sale multifamily market is stable — although not growing as fast as in previous years, according to

October Online Deal Makers 

OfficeChristopher Leonard, CCIM, of Colliers Arnold in Clearwater, Fla., represented Anderen Bank of Tampa Bay in the $1.8 million purchase of 35,788 sf of office space in Tampa, Fla., from JBC Real Estate Holdings LLC. Jeff Tolrud, CCIM, of Colliers

September Online Deal Makers 

OfficeJeffrey K. Mullis, CCIM, of Sperry Van Ness Lighthouse Commercial in Charlotte, N.C., represented an undisclosed lessor in the $2.7 million, 7 year lease of a 41,000 sf office property in Hickory, N.C., to Convergys. Steven J. Weil, CCIM, of

Market Trends Online(9) 

America’s Top 10 Best Performing CitiesMSA2007 RankJob Growth 3 07 3 08(%)PopulationProvo Orem, UT81.90493,000Raleigh Cary, NC103.561,048,000Salt Lake City182.201,100,000Austin Round Rock, TX202.891,598,000Huntsville, AL162.11387,000Wilmington, NC21.39340,000McAllen Edinburg Mission, TX72.50711,000Tacoma, WA  502.29773,000Olympia, WA373.09239,000Charleston North Charleston Summerville, NC121.18630,000Source Milken Institute 2008 Hotel Development CostsMedian costs per

Conference Countdown 

Maximizing return on investment is a fundamental principle in the commercial investment real estate business. But it’s also a fundamental principle necessary to improving your skills and increasing your business building opportunities. By investing your time in CCIM & IREM

Creative Office Option 

As today’s economy continues to challenge the office market, many commercial real estate professionals are thinking counterintuitively, look for specialized offices niches that defy the status quo. So far, the energy and healthcare markets have provided optimism, but one CCIM

Deal Makers(3) 

Office BIG Deal Richard Egitto, CCIM, of Crimson Services LLC in Littleton, Colo., and a partner represented Grosvenor Investment Management in the $63.4 million sale of the 413,390 sf AtlanTech Tower in Fort Lauderdale, Fla., to New Boston Fund. Vicente

Group Investment Insights 

Commercial real estate professionals are pooling their real estate knowledge and skills with investors’ financial resources to act on the current market’s buying opportunities. Often referred to as “sponsors” rather than syndicators, they hope to create attractive group investment packages.

International Report 

France 2Q08 Office Rent Overview Market SF Per Year ($) Compound Rent Growth Over 5 Years (%) Bordeaux 23.42 3.6 Lyon 38.05 6.5 Marseille 31.47 2.7 Nice 29.27 2.1 Paris CBD 117.09 3.3 Source Cushman & Wakefield Tokyo Hotel Changes

Market Trends(4) 

1Q08 Loan Originations 2001 quarterly average = 100 Property Type Origination Volume Index 1Q08–4Q07 % Change 1Q08–1Q07 % Change Hospitality 308 90 60Industrial 161 18 37Multifamily 132 40 27Office 79 21 75Retail 181 31 53All 132 52 53Source Mortgage Bankers

The Lodging Market Looks Ahead 

Just a short time ago investment in hotels and resorts was relatively straightforward — lodging industry fundamentals were positive and cheap debt was abundant. Lodging, the then darling of the financial and investment markets, provided a premium return over more

Office Optimism 

There are many reasons why today's national office market is inching along at a snail's pace compared to the lightning speed it was moving at less than 12 months ago. The credit squeeze, economic turbulence, and capital market volatility are

Experience Pays 

Experience counts, particularly for commercial real estate professionals involved in ground lease development. In addition, experience counts &mdash and can pay off profitably &mdash when choosing a ground lease lender. If a lender with the right experience is selected, under

Playing the Small Market Game 

Working in small markets poses many challenges, but perhaps the greatest obstacle to overcome is thinking big about marketing and building your commercial real estate business. The number of brokers competing for the same clients is compounded by the fact

Prevention Plan 

Asbestos litigation poses legitimate challenges and potential economic hardship for commercial real estate property owners. Overall, both prospective and current property owners need to be aware of and guard themselves against asbestos related risks associated with acquiring or owning a

The Re-Pricing Parallel 

While uncertainty continues to grip the capital markets, the commercial real estate sector is in a virtual deep freeze. As the cost of both debt and equity has risen over the last year, transactions that would have been routine 12

Recession-Proof Plan 

After a few years in the business and having completed more than 400 apartment transactions, I became focused on how to get paid for what I knew versus what I could do. Having been through the ups and downs of