Deal Makers(1) 

The Biggest Deal Christopher B. Prosser, CCIM, and&thinsp Steven L. Timmel, CCIM, of Colliers International in Cincinnati represented Duke Realty Corp. in the more than $27.5 million sale of a 360,001 sf retail property in Cincinnati to an undisclosed buyer.

Both Sides Now 

In today&rsquo s still dodgy economic environment, it is more necessary than ever for commercial real estate borrowers and lenders to take some key steps before approaching loan restructuring negotiations. Neglecting this critical prep work can scuttle your chances of

Buyers Guide(1) 

Make Your Phone Unforgettable About the size of a poker chip, the Zomm Bluetooth cell phone leash beeps when you stray too far from your phone. The device also acts as a hands free speakerphone and includes a panic alarm

CCIM Connections Continued(1) 

In the July August 2010 issue of CIRE, CCIM members discussed the resources they found most useful at their local CCIM chapters. Here other CCIMs expound on the benefits that local chapters provide. To find out how to join your

CCIM Connections(1) 

If you&rsquo re not attending your local chapter meetings, you&rsquo re missing out on huge business networking opportunities. As Hayim Mizrachi, CCIM, of the Southern Nevada chapter says &ldquo This organization commands involvement from the top level of professionals in

Going Global 

CCIM Members In May, 35 new designees were pinned in Warsaw, Poland, and 45 new members in Moscow. Both events gave me the opportunity to represent the institute not only as an instructor but also as the president. These designees

International Beat(1) 

Germany&rsquo s Big Deal The Sun Ship, a five story mixed use building in Freiburg, Germany, is the world&rsquo s first commercial structure that creates more energy than it uses. The building was designed and built by solar architect Rolf

Industrial Insights: A Regional Roundup 

In the July August 2010 feature story “Industrial Wakes Up,” CCIMs discuss the sector’s slumbering performance and impending awakening. The following roundup of regional industrial markets in the U.S. gives voice to the valuable insights that could not be included

Industrial Wakes Up 

Gently shaken by improving fundamentals, the once slumbering industrial sector has begun to stir. Investment activity and user sales increased approximately 35 percent and 50 percent respectively from 1Q09 to 1Q10, reports Cushman & Wakefield. Though the sector seems to

Community Banks Step Into a New Role 

Because of the existing credit crunch, community bankers now have the opportunity to look at good loan deals with high profile companies willing to consider a banking relationship with a small community bank. With the lure of highly leveraged, low

Lease Leverage 

Many property owners continue to be weakened by the languishing commercial real estate market. Falling rental values, declining occupancy rates, and maturing loans with no readily available replacement financing all are affecting landlords&rsquo bottom lines and eroding their equity. For

Are We Better Off Than a Year Ago? 

Since last year, investors have heard three themes repeated ad nauseam to explain this year&rsquo s market malaise The banks are extending and pretending asset owners are fretting about the coming due of $650 billion in securitized debt and it&rsquo

Beyond the LOI 

Landlords in this anemic leasing market want to act quickly to get leases signed and rent payments started. Economic instability brings fresh urgency to the need for increased occupancy. But delays and roadblocks can slow the process and frustrate a

Buying Into Distress 

A struggling commercial real estate market has led to unprecedented levels of nonperforming commercial mortgage loans. While lenders weigh their options, investors with capital are contemplating where and how to invest. This article discusses the typical loan purchase process and

Best Investment Picks, 2010-2012 

The following market investment forecast is based on a survey of Integra Realty Resources advisers in 58 cities. In previous midyear updates, trends were identified by asset classes however, in 2010 asset classes are performing as different levels in different

2010 Rising Stars 

Return on investment is one of the most important principles in commercial real estate. But when it comes to earning the designation, the ROI on a CCIM education is something you &ldquo simply can&rsquo t calculate in a T bar

Opening Moves 

Offers of rent discounts, free rent, and other incentives ignited office leasing during the first half of 2010. While that may seem like great news for landlords and brokerage firms, the surge in activity is doing little to make a

A Public Financing Solution 

When representatives of regional developer Lane4, the Kansas City Wizards Major League soccer franchise, and medical information technology company Cerner Corp. walked into my office a year ago, they had a massive project in mind A 4,000 employee office campus,

Regional Outlook(1) 

Southwest Call Out the Cavalry Troops returning to Fort Hood, Texas, have boosted central Texas&rsquo multifamily market, according to a survey by Apartment Realty Advisors in Austin. Occupancy in the Killeen Fort Hood metro averages close to 92 percent and

The Lending Landscape 

During the first quarter of 2010, four financing sources effectively took control of the lending market. Government sponsored enterprises, insurance companies, real estate investment trusts, and private situational lenders have money to lend and will finance projects that the national,

Living Mobile 

Before the iPhone burst onto the scene, the word apps meant very little to anyone who wasn&rsquo t whiling away happy hour nursing a plate of potato skins at T.G.I. Friday&rsquo s. Now inescapable, the term refers to computer software

Market Trends(1) 

Briefly Noted Hospitality &mdash Instead of trying to time the market, investors should consider a short term hold strategy for hotel assets, according to Stephen R. Hennis, director of STR Analytics. On average, between 2002 and 2006 investors who purchased

Learn to Earn 

Though he started out in commercial real estate by managing one 440 unit apartment complex, Beau Beery, CCIM, CPM, vice president of commercial real estate with AMJ of Gainesville in Gainesville, Fla., &ldquo quickly became enthused about the financial potential