CCIM Connections(10) 

From the CCIM education and resources such as CCIM MailBridge and STDB, designees bring a wealth of solutions and expertise to every transaction. “Each deal has its particular triumph,” says Kevin P. Clay, CCIM, when asked to name his best

Conversion Connections 

“The greatest thing about CCIM is the people I’ve met,” says John Lauriello, CCIM, principal of Southpace Properties in Birmingham, Ala. Those connections, as Lauriello discovered, can make or break niche conversion projects. Last year, he was retained by the

Deal Makers(31) 

The Biggest Deals T. Sean Lance, CCIM, of NAI Tampa Bay in Seminole, Fla., and a partner negotiated the $36.3 million sale of 224 units in Tower II at the Oasis Grand Condominium project in Fort Myers, Fla., from an