Up in the Air 

The process of inspecting a facility or business before acquiring it has evolved into a sophisticated and exhaustive procedure. Due diligence usually includes an inspection of a property's structural integrity and compliance with applicable environmental and health and safety requirements.

The Case for Conversion 

In today&rsquo s economy, owning or leasing your own building is a luxury that few companies can afford. Most corporate real estate budgets have been slashed and companies are cautious with the dollars they spend and the real estate they

The Comfort Zone 

“It's getting hot in here…” but in another hour or so, it may be too cold. Complaints about office temperatures rank first among employee gripes, according to an International Facilities Management Association survey. And while building owners and managers may

The Changing Face of Property Management 

A day in the life of a property manager today dramatically differs from that of a decade ago. Modern office and multifamily property managers have greater responsibilities beyond traditional rent collection and bill paying. They now arrange insurance provide tax

Leasing Green 

Commercial real estate property owners and tenants are adopting sustainability programs that affect various aspects of their business operations. To implement such programs, property owners and tenants must look at their real estate, both existing and future, to determine what

Safe and Secure 

Violent events, such as the shooting in the Edgewater Technology office complex in suburban Boston last December, remind building owners and managers about the need for thorough and well maintained security for their properties. These types of occurrences have become

Safe and Secure(1) 

Violent events, such as the shooting in the Edgewater Technology office complex in suburban Boston last December, remind building owners and managers about the need for thorough and well maintained security for their properties. These types of occurrences have become

Property Prescriptions 

Today, CCIM asset managers are no longer just asset managers they&rsquo re asset value physicians. For some, this means providing emergency, life saving care &ldquo As a court appointed receiver, my role is often like a battlefield surgeon&rsquo s,&rdquo says

Reduce Your Risk 

As the intermediary between property owners and tenants, property managers have a duty to be fair to both. However, property managers also have certain responsibilities to owners by nature of their management contract. One such responsibility is to diminish the

Picking a Property Manager 

More than 25,000 property management companies do business in the United States, ranging from single person operations to national companies employing thousands of people. Even when property owners narrow down their options by geographical area or property type, numerous choices

Are You Prepared? 

WHETHER your client owns a lavish hotel, an architecturally unique skyscraper, or a run of the mill strip mall, such valuable investments can be rendered worthless in the wake of unanticipated catastrophic events. While disaster management planning is likely to

Always Be Prepared 

When a fire broke out in a Southern California commercial property last October, the tenants were able to evacuate so smoothly that the fire department commended them for doing such a good job. In turn, the fire department was able

Using IAQ as a Marketing Tool 

When potential tenants walk into an apartment, air quality registers, whether they realize it or not. “When you go through an apartment, the first thing you notice is the smell,” says Matt Teasdale, an associate with Minnesota Brokerage Group in

True Value 

Purchasing and repositioning undervalued properties is the investment strategy du jour, and effective property management often is the secret to building success. "Property management is at the heart of our business," says Jerome N. Lehman, CCIM, president of Prudential CRES

Reduce Mold-Related Risk 

Since Jan. 1, 2000, more than 8,000 “toxic” mold stories have appeared in the media, according to the Insurance Information Institute. Many of them focus on dramatic personal injury and property damage claims attributed to allegedly harmful mold in buildings.

The Power of Positive Thinking 

As an attractive, new multifamily complex nears completion, leasing agents begin to show the property to prospective tenants. While several buildings lease up quickly, one structure remains completely vacant. A survey of prospective tenants who viewed the property reveals that

Putting the Client First 

Whether clients are actively building portfolios or merely maintaining stable income streams, asset management provides information to owners to enable them to make appropriate decisions regarding individual properties as well as whole portfolios. By contrast, property management focuses more on

When Disaster Strikes 

On Friday, March 14, 2008, the unexpected stormed the front door of 100 Peachtree in Atlanta. Owned by one of Equastone Real Estate Investment Advisors&rsquo funds, the former Equitable Building, one of the oldest and most recognizable office properties defining

Utility Budgeting Made Easier 

For commercial property owners, energy budgeting is an involved and, in some cases, difficult project. Multifamily properties in particular are difficult to budget for as there are no nationwide programs to assist owners and facility managers. But budgeting for energy

Small Properties, Big Challenges 

Investors who manage their own small properties have only three small problems tenants, money, and time. And for professional third party property managers who handle small properties, add landlords to that list. Those challenges cropped up most frequently in an