Multifamily Trends in 2006 

The multifamily sector has experienced steady growth and returns during the past few years, fueled by the hot commercial real estate market and low interest rates. But many in the industry wonder How long can the good times last? Peter

Rebuilding Multifamily 

While some commercial real estate professionals have no problem finding properties to market, in New Orleans, many are trying to rebuild what they used to have. As the city continues to work through the devastating effects of Hurricane Katrina, the

High-Vacancy High-Wire Act 

As the nation continues its jobless recovery, all commercial real estate sectors are suffering. However, many market experts thought multifamily demand would pick up by midyear &mdash the result of more robust job creation. &ldquo But the numbers from the

Indulging in Luxury Investments 

While low interest rates and a hot home buying market have dampened multifamily development in recent years, select regions are experiencing an increased demand for the deluxe from apartment dwellers. In Southern California, the Mid Atlantic, and South Florida, where

Condominium Considerations 

Condominium development is demanding and difficult, but when the timing and market variables are in place it also can be rewarding. With so many conditions affecting the market, a program designed around phased development — which minimizes market risk both

Maintaing Value 

Listen to this article's accompanying podcast. While stories of plummeting transaction volumes, staggering value declines, and scarce funding plague the commercial real estate industry, the multifamily sector has managed to keep a steady course throughout the economic turbulence. And there’s

Multifamily Takes Manhattan 

For decades, pundits have argued about the ill effects of New York City’s apartment rent control laws. But are these laws good for real estate investors? For certain multifamily owners in today’s market, the answer is a resounding yes, according

Multifamily Moves on Up 

The national multifamily investment market may have turned a corner in 2009, at least in terms of investor demand. Dollar volume of the sector&rsquo s closed transactions hit an all time low of $2.06 billion in the first quarter of

Multifamily Media Frenzy 

We’ve all seen the headlines “Apartments Shine as Beacon of Hope” and “Multifamily Sales Defy the Slump.” National newspapers, industry blogs, and local business publications, among others, have joined in a chorus singing the praises of apartment investment opportunities throughout

Affordable-Housing Awareness 

Sandstone, a multifamily affordable housing property in Fresno, Calif., was developed by AMCAL Multi Housing, which has developed more than 2,200 affordable rental units throughout California. Todd Clarke, CCIM, chief executive officer

Back to Fundamentals 

Rising interest rates and a lack of inexpensive debt in the finance market have ushered in a more sober tone among multi family investors and lenders. While many investors are opting out of the market, viable long term investment and

Moving Into Multifamily 

Although recent media attention has focused on the ups and downs of single family residential housing, last year's biggest real estate deal in fact the world's biggest real estate deal to date actually took place in the multifamily sector. Tishman

Value-Add Visionaries 

Commercial real estate pros shaking their heads over declining job growth and falling retail sales should remember that people always need places to live. Regardless of market indicators, multifamily is still the sweet spot for a wide range of investors.

The Small Stuff 

In California's Ventura and northern Los Angeles counties, industrial properties 25,000 square feet and under frequently sell before they even go on the market, says Joe Jusko, a principal at Lee & Associates in Calabasas, Calif. “Availabilities come up very

Smart Property Management Strategies 

You’re pretty sure you’ve priced the asset correctly. You’ve looked at comparable apartment communities for sale in the market. You’ve figured the sales price in dollars per unit and dollars per square foot and both seem to be right. Yet

Apartment Hunters 

Apartment investors are on the hunt. And they’re moving beyond trophy properties into unfamiliar territory in hopes of a rare catch. In 1H2012, secondary markets posted a 38 percent year over year increase in multifamily transaction volume, followed by tertiary