Top 10 Mistakes in Business E-mail 

E mail has become an accepted—even crucial—part of the commercial real estate business. But it has happened so quickly that many people begin using this technology without realizing that there are some important rules to observe to make sure it

Technology Follows You Around 

Wouldn’t it be easier for your customers to find you if they only needed one phone number to reach you? What if you had only one place to retrieve voice mail, e mail, and faxes? How about accessing your e 

For brokers who have been standing at the side of the online business pool waiting for the right moment to dive in, that moment is now. At an increasing rate, commercial real estate professionals are using the Internet to communicate

The Wild West of Web Liability 

If, as some say, the Web allows anyone to become a publisher, then it also allows anyone to become a legal target. Susan Stellin, writing on the Internet news site CNET (http ) in July, pointed out the "dirty

Technological Crossroads: Deciding Which Cyber Paths to Take 

More than a few commercial real estate veterans have fretted about being made obsolete by technology and the Internet. It wasn't just the fear of not knowing how to master a powerful computer the very industry itself has been changing

Beware of Internet Imposters 

Before the Internet, "People would become what we call ‘Xerox brokers’ they’d Xerox other brokers’ packages," William Spivock, CCIM, remembers. Spivock, of Commercial Specialists in Las Vegas, recently ran across the Information Age equivalent of this unauthorized copying. Spivock found

Call on Your Computer for Cheaper Phone Service 

Free telephone service could be a big boon to commercial real estate professionals, many of whom burn up the long distance wires with repeated phone calls to clients, potential clients, project partners, and others. With simple software and widely available

The Big-Box Nation 

Large, dominant retailers are where the retail business is at small retail especially mom and pop retail is really dying," says Bill Mohr, CCIM. That appears to be true. A review of the phenomenal growth of this industry subcategory (see

The Changing Face of the Economy 

Don't blink the recovery is here. You can be forgiven if you were taken by surprise by the rapidity with which the commercial real estate industry became hot again. Not too long ago, brokers, developers, and lenders were bemoaning the

Finding the Perfect PC 

Though notebook computers are increasingly common to many professionals (see "In Search of the Right Laptop," CIREJ, March April 1998), desktop personal computers still are popular thanks to their plummeting prices and soaring performance. So where mobility is not an

Increase Your Efficiency with Advanced Web Searches 

Searching the World Wide Web without a game plan or any directions can be a bit like searching the heavens for radio messages from alien civilizations Where do you start? In what direction do you search? What language should you

Drawing Conclusions About Graphics 

Publisher is just one of the many hats that commercial real estate professionals wear today. Though they may not be creating books or magazines, very likely they are publishing Web sites, producing printed property fliers, or sending photographs to Web

Exposing Yourself on the Net 

If you have e mail and a Web site, you may think you’re fully accessible on the Internet. If you don’t have a presence on the Net, you may be skeptical about its ability to generate business for you. In

Mapping Programs for Every Budget 

Finally, you can cancel that National Geographic subscription. Gone are the days of unfolding a paper map on top of the Xerox and making copies. Now you can buy mapping programs with features ranging from simply identifying a property's location

Preparing for the Next Internet Age 

Commercial real estate professionals learned in the late 1980s and early 1990s to repackage their services to deal with a market downturn. Other industries, too, remade themselves as market forces demanded. Many employees of large oil companies who lost their

Reevaluating Your Web Site 

Visit a number of commercial real estate professionals' home pages and you will find a wide range of acclimation to the new reality of the information economy. As many professionals now are looking to build the second generations of their

Profiting from the Information Revolution 

Today's technology is advancing so quickly that it's "impossible to predict what office technology will be like in five years," says Scott Rooth, CCIM, The Brookstone Companies, Cashiers, North Carolina. Five years ago, "the most important technological invention was the

Real and Imaginary Computer Viruses 

You’re putting together a last minute property presentation for an important client and you’re trying to get the cash flow projections correct, you’re downloading demographic data from the Web, and you’re building maps off your CD ROM mapping program. Suddenly,

Reinvesting in America's Cities 

Atlanta's short term solution is unique, but its underlying problems are not. Its efforts to profit from hosting the 1996 Summer Olympics include using the temporary inflow of funds provided by broadcast rights to the games and apartment rentals to

Repent: The End of Your Computer Is Near 

New millennia bring with them fears of many kinds people dredge up ancient prophecies of the world ending, the sun exploding, or other doom. Modern technological development has inoculated us against most of those fears, so I am pleased in

Software Suite Updated for 2000 

There’s a new Microsoft Office suite in town, and if you didn’t run out and purchase this software when it first hit the shelves in late summer, you may be considering doing so now. Is Microsoft Office 2000 for you?

Speeding Up Internet Connections 

For too long, the answer to the question of how fast your Internet connection should be has hovered between modems that transmit 28.8 kilobytes per second and modems that transmit 56 kbps. Before that, the choice was between 14.4 kbps

In Search of the Right Laptop 

Syd Machat, CCIM, of Long & Foster in Keedysville, Maryland, admits that he had "not a clue" when it came to purchasing a laptop. But then he noticed a friend at a Maryland Washington, D.C., CCIM Chapter event using a

Point and Click Your Way to Online Educational Opportunities 

In addition to being an online research and entertainment source, today’s Internet is ripe with educational opportunities. With Net usage and content continuing to expand at astronomical rates, online education already is being used by a small but growing number