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Michigan CCIM Champions New State Tax Law 

Mark A. Baker, CCIM, of Michigan Commercial Properties in Grand Rapids, Mich., ignited the push for new legislation that requires tax collectors to provide proper customer service and communication when dealing with delinquent real estate tax bills. Gov. Richard Snyder

National Association of Realtors® Honors 25 CCIMs for Excellence 

Designees recognized for local achievements during NAR Annual Conference in San Francisco. The CCIM Institute, the world’s largest network of commercial real estate professionals headquartered in Chicago, is pleased to announce that 25 CCIM designees were honored for their initiatives

Healthy Seniors Housing 

Seniors housing demand will continue to be fueled by several factors, including the attractive spread between borrowing rates and capitalization rates, the resurgence of the housing market, and the improvement in the stock market. The continued demand growth is also

Survey Shows Bifurcated Recovery Continues 

Commercial real estate executives are optimistic about the state of the market but remain wary of the repercussions of potential interest rate hikes, lackluster job creation, and the massive U.S. debt, according to Real Estate Roundtable’s 1Q13 survey. “As today’s

Market Trends 

2013 CCIM Deal Makers CCIM designees reported participating in 242 deals totaling almost $2.4 billion last year, handily surpassing 2013’s total of $1.7 billion. The figure is based on the number of deals published in Commercial Investment Real Estate’s Deal

Federal Tax Policy with Fiscal Cliff Updates 

Federal tax code has not substantially changed for over two decades. 2013 brings a new set of rules and guidelines for all U.S. tax payers. Keep in mind that filing for 2013 is not due until April 2014. Individuals, families,

Walk to Work 

Research and market observations have revealed that the new generation of employees is clear on what they want out of the ideal office space — with many of the preferences manifesting outside of the company’s walls. Employees want to be

Real Estate Gifting Realized: Business Opportunities for Real Estate Professionals 

This seventh article in the series on real estate gifting issues discusses the opportunities available to real estate professionals when working with donors or charitable organizations on real estate donations. A real estate professional’s involvement may occur at various stages

Group Investing Update 

CCIMs and other commercial real estate professionals are often involved with raising money from groups of investors to purchase income producing properties. Since this activity generally means working under the federal securities laws, the ability to advertise and solicit investors

Proactive Profitability 

The bad news is that investment property costs increased when taxes increased in January. Interest rates have also increased. The good news is that savvy landlords can take proactive measures to improve the bottom line now and in the upcoming

CCIM Connections 

Talking TaxesWhen Evan Liddiard dabbled in property management as a teenager, he never imagined that one day he’d monitor federal tax policy for the world’s largest real estate organization. But as the National Association of Realtors’ senior policy representative for

Influencing Education 

Experience is one of the most valuable assets in a commercial real estate professional’s portfolio. For Barbara Crane, CCIM, who was hooked on real estate at just 12 years old, learning the fundamentals was also a family affair. “Back when

Regional Outlook 

South Orlando’s Big Deal Location, location, location convinced Hyatt Hotels Corp. to buy its sixth hotel in the Orlando market — the Peabody Orlando adjacent to the Orange County Convention Center. Hyatt purchased the 1,641 room hotel for $717 million

Expand the Brand 

The CCIM Institute has worked tirelessly to expand designation promotion efforts worldwide and illustrate the value CCIMs bring to every business situation. Our current designation promotion advertisement appears on page 11. The campaign capitalizes on the market and financial analysis

Partial-Interest Plan 

Partial interest properties can seem like a myth in the real estate world. These properties are not only rare, but also notoriously difficult to sell. If you ever happen across a partial interest property, here’s how to work with the

Lobby by Design 

Much is written in the media on how today’s workplace has changed, becoming a hub for collaboration and socialization, but there has been little focus on how this affects the office building. Thinking has shifted away from the traditional paradigm

Market Trends 

High Priced Office Markets The location for the top five most expensive streets for office space — San Francisco Bay Area, New York City, Fairfield County, Conn., and Washington, D.C. — haven’t changed in two years, they’ve simply shuffled places,

Magnetic Attraction 

Rising interest rates may prompt apartment buyers to modify expectations and strategies, but these factors haven’t diminished their desire for multifamily properties — at least not yet. The voracious demand that has fueled transaction activity and capitalization rate compression across

International Beat 

Rome’s Big Deal Low cost clothing brand H&M is taking over Italian born Benetton’s flagship store in on Via Tomacelli in central Rome. The Swedish company purchased the former Unione Militare landmark building for $235 million. The 1901 landmark building

Hang Out with Google+ 

Google+ received a lot of fanfare when it launched more than two years ago. Since then, however, Google’s social networking site hasn’t gotten nearly as much respect or ink as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, or even Pinterest. And, understandably, many commercial

C-Corp to REIT 

Real estate investment trusts have existed for more than 50 years and represent a large and growing sector in the commercial real estate industry. During the last two years, an unusually large number of C corporations have converted either themselves

TIC 2.0 

As the markets continue their recovery in 2013 and beyond, investors face a more challenging tax environment. Federal capital gains taxes have increased from 15 percent to 20 percent for high income taxpayers, passive investment income is now subject to

Max Mobility 

Nowadays, it’s easy to find articles about apps that help you work more efficiently. However, a mobile CCIM needs a more specialized approach to operate in the commercial real estate world. But a few apps and low cost subscriptions could

Real Estate Gifting Realized: Charitable Gift Annuities 

This fourth article in a series on real estate gifting issues covers charitable gift annuities. The first three articles cover options when donating real estate, outright donations and bequests, and bargain sales. Commercial real estate professionals and their clients should

International Beat 

Dublin’s Big Deal Dublin’s largest hotel was sold out of receivership for €67 million, or about $87 million, to the Blackstone Group, which owns the Hilton brand, among others. The Burlington Hotel sold for about one fifth of what developer