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Amazon HQ2: The Final 20 by the Numbers 

CCIM Institute’s Chief Economist examines how Amazon narrowed the site-selection field. At the time of writing, Amazon has not yet announced the North American city that will be selected for HQ2, but it has narrowed the list of contenders from 238 metros to just 20. How did Amazon narrow such a large fiel

Family Ties 

It's even better if that someone shares your home, as married CCIMs can tell you. For example, Allen is married to Ryan Lorey, CCIM; they met while both were studying for their designation.

Briefly Noted 
Briefly Noted Hospitality — Showing the industry is poised for a comeback, a variety of international investors continue to snap up U.S. hotel properties, while capital is flowing at an increasing pace into public
5 Great Impacts of CCIM 

The power of the designation is in the education, the networking, and ultimately, the success it brings its members - whether they have pin number 826 or 10,846.

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All in the Family 

CCIMs learn from the most valuable mentors of all — their parents. Jeff Lyon, CCIM, remembers dinner table conversations when he was growing up. “My father was always talking about real estate,” he says. “He was so involved in the Institute over the years, so I always knew that that was my interest as well.”

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Savvy Gifting 
When Richard Juge, CCIM, had a property sitting on the market for some time, he found the best way to dispose of it was to donate it to CCIM Foundation, resulting in benefits for all parties involved.
Brand Recognition 

President's Desk: Throughout 2017, a new branding campaign focusing on the power of the pin has launched on, in marketing materials and publications, on the exhibit circuit, and via online videos.

Brandon Weber Podcast 

Listen to Brandon Weber on the RE Insight Podcast with Scott Morey:

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Legislative Outlook 2018 


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Revitalizing Downtowns 
Revitalizing Downtowns by Beth Mattson Teig Downtowns have long been the heart of activity for major metros such as Manhattan, Boston, Los Angeles, and
Convergence of Excellence 

How CCIMs shaped the industry during revolutionary changes in the late 1960s and 1970s. Five decades ago, the commercial real estate industry was poised at the transition of private ownership and wildcatter developers to become a global, public, professionalized industry with increasingly complex ownership a

Prepare for a Commercial Real Estate Finance Disruption 


Smart Cities 

The year is coming to a close. Now is the time to consider charitable donations for today and tomorrow.

Individuals may think about what charities have made a difference in their lives. Or ask themselves what legacy they want to create. Now Alfred Nobel is not remembered as a cannon manufacturer but for funding the prestigious Nobel Prizes.

Old Priorities Become New 
by Sara S. Patterson Public transit and biking have not enjoyed this much popularity and infrastructure investment in the U.S. and Canada for 100 years. Canada