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The Risk Factor 

Just a few short months ago the recovery seemed to be finally taking hold. Gross domestic product growth was increasing, job growth was strengthening, retail sales were starting to pick up, and the stock market — including real estate stocks

September 2005 Online Deal Makers 

Office Timothy C. Macker, CCIM, of Coldwell Banker Commercial Westmac in Los Angeles represented the Gilberg Family Trust in the more than $2.3 million sale of a 2,940 sf building in Los Angeles to Ava Properties. Scott D. Yards, CCIM,

Rising Stars(2) 

What makes someone a rising star? Is it his or her accomplishments, drive to succeed, or commission check amount? For Commercial Investment Real Estate, it is a unique combination of factors that demonstrate promise for

The Sleeping Sector 

The hospitality industry's struggle to regain some semblance of normalcy after the events of September 2001 is compounded by the travel industry, which is suffering through the worst short term prospects since the Persian Gulf War. The U.S. lodging industry

Save Time Online 

Technology can help busy commercial real estate professionals achieve more work in less time. Online applications in particular improve productivity and profitability. Three of the top timesaving tools on CCIM's STDBOnline (www. are no exception. Learn how these new

Setting Up a Cyberspace Office 

What do you need to operate in cyberspace? As the Internet and other cyberspace tools gain increasing importance in the real estate world, this is a question that many real estate professionals are asking. Let's look at the four basic

Site Selection Methodology Assists College's Campus Relocation 

When the Nevada College of Pharmacy's president approached Judi Woodyard, CCIM, SIOR, to find space for a new campus, she knew it would be a demanding process. The college was a startup nonprofit business, which made “it challenging to portray

Seniors Housing Comes of Age 

National Foundation for Retirement Living (NFRL) were flooded with calls. NFRL, a subsidiary of the National Association for Senior Living Industries (NASLI), received more than 800 inquiries about the different types of senior housing on the market. The tremendous

New York and New Jersey Are Fundamentally Fit 

The commercial real estate industry in New York and New Jersey has been doing well thanks to a solid financial period for both states. "The regional economy is strong," says Craig Evans, CCIM, of Cushman Realty Corp. in New York.

Roadmap to Recovery 

Integra Realty analysts were asked to rank from 1 to 12 (1 being most important) the factors that will have the most profound influence on commercial real estate values in the local market. With a 99 percent response rate, the

The Shape of Space to Come 

Alternative office arrangements such as telecommuting and open space plans are one result of the technological changes that are reshaping real estate employment patterns. These options are changing not only the way the workplace looks, but the way it functions,

Sizing Up Self-Storage 

The self storage property sector currently provides great opportunities for investors and developers across the nation. F.W. Dodge reports decreases in the number of self storage property starts during the last five quarters, which bodes well for the supply demand

Rising Stars 

Summer is upon us and across the country, commercial real estate professionals are flocking to collaborate with colleagues, clients, and local governments to capture elusive business opportunities. CCIMs, for their part, are capitalizing on the designation&rsquo s reputation and built

Market Trends(3) 

The Hotel Vintage EffectRenovating hospitality properties that are 10 or more years old may pay off in value, according to a recent study by Cornell University’s Center for Hospitality Research. Around year 28, hotels stop depreciating and start to show

Making Sense of the Market 

While commercial real estate is more than ever intrinsically linked to the capital markets, the fundamental outlook for its stability and long term success remains healthy for the balance of 2008. Escalating construction costs, specifically for materials such as wood,

Insurance Companies Cut Direct Real Estate Assets 

With the start of Prudential Insurance Company's three year divestiture plan for its $5.6 billion real estate portfolio, life insurance companies' quiet disposition of real estate over the past several years has dramatically accelerated. Prudential, however, does not plan to

Making It Work 

Investors soon may feel the effects of a cooling real estate market through subtle and not so subtle shifts in the way lenders view commercial real estate loans. The industry experienced strong surface growth last year National overall vacancy rates

Making Technology Work for You 

In the past two years, the participation level of commercial real estate professionals on the Internet has risen dramatically. Not surprisingly, much of it is taking place on the low end of the technological spectrum, using simple, unadorned e mail

March Online Deal Makers 

OfficeSoozi Jones Walker, CCIM, and Bobbi Miracle, CCIM, of Commercial Executives in Las Vegas represented Colonial Bank NA in the more than $2.4 million, 15 year lease of a 3,000 sf office space in Las Vegas from Lost at Sea

March Online Deal Makers(1) 

Office Darrin L. Boyd, CCIM, and David A. Moore, CCIM, of Colliers Turley Martin Tucker in Indianapolis represented Brookfield Asset Management in the 10 year, more than $2.7 million lease of 17,968 sf of office space in Indianapolis to Royal

Make the Most of Your CompuServe Membership 

There's a lot of talk these days about the worldwide information highway, and maybe you wonder if you should check into it. Some other time, you've thought. Your job keeps you more than busy. You don't have time to investigate

Get on Track 

"Bye Bye Suburban Dream" heralded a recent Newsweek magazine cover, "15 Ways to Fix the Suburbs." It may have come as a surprise to those who thought the nation's suburbs were doing fine, but the article focused on some very

Looking Ahead in Maine, New Hampshire, and Vermont 

After seven years of limited commercial growth and construction in his southeastern New Hampshire market, Andrew R. Fleisher, CCIM, of Fleisher Commercial Real Estate in Portsmouth, says that in the last two years he's seen a real surge in commercial

Lease or Own? 

Helping a client decide whether to purchase or lease a property can be a complex process. Apart from the financial analysis, the decision may be influenced by the client's internal operational objectives, which generally fluctuate from year to year. The

March 2004 Online Deal Makers 

OfficeDan Powers, CCIM, of Sperry Van Ness in Canoga Park, Calif., and a partner represented the John P. Bellone Trust in the $1.6 million sale of the 6,500 sf John Bellone Building in Woodland Hills, Calif., to Kevin Coury. Neil