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Queen’s Gambit 
With the commercial and real estate markets in flux, more real estate litigation is happening because buyers and sellers are trying to back out of closings. Here's how to prepare by drafting the most airtight contract possible.
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Market Trends 


Market Trends 
Current Market Trends: Millennials are moving the needle on retail. | Disruption is coming for grocers. | Retirement properties grows as a niche investment market. | Artificial Intelligence is the new user interface. | What's in store for medical office buildings in 2017?
Raising the Bar 
Hired by the New Mexico Real Estate Commission, Todd Clarke, CCIM, developed a continuing education curriculum to better train and equip real estate professionals. The new program launched in 2017.
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Market Trends - Briefly Noted 
Briefly Noted Hospitality — While U.S. hotel occupancy reached a new record level during 2016, reflecting its continued rigor, growth is becoming more uncertain in major markets. Houston, Miami, and New York City have experienced negative
Strategies for Office Leasing 
Strategies for Office Leasing by Tim Lee While fundamentals point to a healthy office market overall, fundamental changes are coming. The rising popularity of co working spaces, the trend
Deal Makers 

CIRE magazine (July/August 2017): The biggest CCIM deals in retail, office, multifamily, financing, hospitality, industrial, and land.

Rising to the Top 


Savvy Gifting 
When Richard Juge, CCIM, had a property sitting on the market for some time, he found the best way to dispose of it was to donate it to CCIM Foundation, resulting in benefits for all parties involved.
Technology Rules 
For decades, the lack of uniformity in commercial real estate data has been the bane of the industry’s existence. To determine a value for a property before deciding to purchase it, potential real estate investors must first collect and extract key financial data from a multitude of disparate files that come in countless formats and file types. Automated data extraction can change that.
Myth or Reality? 

 There are a lot of predictions about how autonomous vehicles are going to change the face of commercial real estate as early as 2020. Is that the case?

Communicating Value 


Prepare for a Commercial Real Estate Finance Disruption 


CCIM ROI From fishing buddies to professional brokers. Mike Ullian, CCIM, and Adam Rathbun, CCIM, of
The Wild, Wild West 

The year is coming to a close. Now is the time to consider charitable donations for today and tomorrow.

Individuals may think about what charities have made a difference in their lives. Or ask themselves what legacy they want to create. Now Alfred Nobel is not remembered as a cannon manufacturer but for funding the prestigious Nobel Prizes.

Changing Capital Costs 
Changing Capital Costs by Beth Mattson Teig The Federal Reserve has made its intentions clear as it plans to raise short term borrowing rates. The question remains as to whether
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