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Student Housing 

Student housing continues to provide bigger returns than multifamily properties for investors.

Industrial Rides High 

Industrial is outperforming other property types for vacancies and rent growth, and the latest forecast from ULI remains positive.

Rising Tide 

The Fed’s latest rate hike in June 2017 was its third since December 2016, with the goal being to raise the Federal funds rate to 3 percent by 2019.

Moving Global 

President's Desk: The CCIM Global Conference Oct. 15-16 in Toronto will bring a global perspective. Keynote addresses from Steve Forbes and Kenneth Gronbach.

Peace 2.0 

A Party Wall Agreement provides clarification about the ownership and maintenance obligations for the shared wall to prevent and avoid disputes.

Briefly Noted 
Briefly Noted Hospitality — Showing the industry is poised for a comeback, a variety of international investors continue to snap up U.S. hotel properties, while capital is flowing at an increasing pace into public
Core Investor 

“Currently, there are 1.3 million new households and 2.3 million new jobs being created each year, suggesting strong demand for commercial space,” says David Gilbert, president and chief investment partner for Clarion Partners. “After the energy industry downturn over the past two years, U.S. corporate profits have fully recovered and are on track to grow by 11 percent over the next 12 months, thanks to new government initiatives.”

Capturing Hearts and Minds 


Convergence of Excellence 

How CCIMs shaped the industry during revolutionary changes in the late 1960s and 1970s. Five decades ago, the commercial real estate industry was poised at the transition of private ownership and wildcatter developers to become a global, public, professionalized industry with increasingly complex ownership a

Deal Makers 

CIRE magazine (Jan/Feb 2017): The biggest CCIM deals in retail, office, multifamily, financing, hospitality, industrial, and land.

Counterculture Moves Mainstream 
Counterculture Moves Mainstream by Sara S. Patterson While legalizing pot is boosting the cost of square footage for industrial and retail spaces, ancillary sides of this newly legitimate industry
Tech Duo 

Commercial real estate brokers can capitalize on a growing market by understanding its unique needs and challenges. Startups aren't exactly synonymous with big money for commercial real estate brokers. New businesses are often looking for small spaces and short-term deals. However, brokers would be wise to gi

Applied Economics 


Brand Recognition 

President's Desk: Throughout 2017, a new branding campaign focusing on the power of the pin has launched on, in marketing materials and publications, on the exhibit circuit, and via online videos.

Ahead of the Curve 


International Beat 


Global Promoter 

Given China's new real estate laws, the time is auspicious for Chinese commercial real estate investors to take CCIM courses," says Catherine Li, CCIM. Li is the President of Leiden Business Academy and shares her insights about international investing and the value of a CCIM education with Commercial Investment Real Estate Magazine.

Shifting Landscape 

Driverless vehicles are going to affect more than how people get from place-to-place. Cities and buildings will be designed differently, and the rela estate investment opportunities are going to change.

Amazon HQ2: The Final 20 by the Numbers 

CCIM Institute’s Chief Economist examines how Amazon narrowed the site-selection field. At the time of writing, Amazon has not yet announced the North American city that will be selected for HQ2, but it has narrowed the list of contenders from 238 metros to just 20. How did Amazon narrow such a large fiel

Nature’s Disruptors 
Nature’s Disruptors  by K.C. Conway   Natural disasters can do more harm to commercial real estate markets than technology disruptors. Hurricanes Harvey and Irma devastated parts of Texas,
L.A. Confidential 


Level Playing Field 

Since the very begginning, CCIM Institute has explored technology that can help professionals both in the classroom and in their businesses. Commercial Investment Real Estate magazine explores the 50 years of tech trends members have seen.

Lenders Move Full-Speed Ahead 


Independents’ Power 


Slow Fuse 
Many sports analogies are being thrown out to describe how close the U.S. commercial real estate market is to its cyclical peak. Regardless of whether fans are keeping score based on quarters, innings, or overtime, time is still left on the clock.