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Going Global 

CCIM Members In May, 35 new designees were pinned in Warsaw, Poland, and 45 new members in Moscow. Both events gave me the opportunity to represent the institute not only as an instructor but also as the president. These designees

Deal Makers(27) 

The Biggest DealLeonard P. Deering Jr., CCIM, of Berkadia Commercial Mortgage LLC in Chicago and three partners arranged the $56.9 million refinancing of 612 unit Bourbon Square Apartments in Palatine, Ill., for Palatine Funding Corp. CCIM ROI“MailBridge works,” says P.

Deal Makers(16) 

MultifamilyTim Ernst, CCIM, of Terra Marketing in Phoenix represented a private investor in the more than $16.5 million purchase of the 402 unit Falcon Glen Apartments in Mesa, Ariz., from FSM Falcon Glen LP. He also represented a private investor

Got Vacant Space? Think Inside the Box 

The good news about tough economic times is that they breed ingenuity. Leasing specialists in retail and other property sectors need to think “inside the box” – the vacant big box, the empty warehouse, or the small office building abandoned

Drawn to Downtown 

Located at the bull’s eye of four intersections, Court Square in Shelby, N.C., is the perfect location for an attraction that will draw local residents as well as tourists to the downtown area. “There is a huge population explosion in

Excel at Financial Analysis Calculations 

Editor’s note While industry trends come and go, some investment principles remain infinitely valuable for commercial real estate professionals. A version of this article, originally published in the September October 2000 issue, is the most viewed article on Commercial Investment

Finding the Reuse Potential 

When John G. Hoagland, CCIM, told his staff to keep an eye out for properties that needed "some help" in their Louisville, Ky., market, he probably didn’t envision what he now is marketing — close to 400,000 sf of a

Distressed Property Acquisitions 

Although disarray in the lending markets has inhibited commercial property acquisition nationally, opportunities to acquire distressed properties, especially in the multifamily sector, abound. However, before hurrying into a deal, prospective buyers should take protective measures to guard against the inherent

The Economy Rains on Washington's Real Estate Markets 

Washington's economy, and that of Seattle in particular, has suffered some major blows in the past few years, including Boeing's decision to relocate its corporate headquarters to Chicago and the high technology sector's softening. Although the company still maintains manufacturing

Get Out of Debt (Almost) Tax-Free 

As a general rule, cancellation of debt (COD) in workout transactions with lenders triggers taxable income recognition. The old adage, "debt relieved is the same for tax purposes as cash received" usually holds true. However, in certain circumstances this COD

MailBridge Delivers 

Now more than ever, CCIM designees are leveraging their technology oriented member benefits to create and strengthen deal making opportunities. MailBridge, a preference matching e mail marketing and information platform, is one of the CCIM Institute&rsquo s most useful &mdash

Entrepreneurial Mezzanine Financing Sources Offer Flexible Equity 

In recent years, mezzanine debt and equity financing has been growing steadily into a major source of funding for all types of commercial real estate projects. On a marketwide basis, the real estate mezzanine financing sector represents 10 percent of

Doing Business in Mexico 

The economic and political turmoil that has gripped Mexico over the first half of this year has sent many prospective U.S. investors scurrying to the sidelines of this international real estate arena. Some U.S. based firms that were making bold

Deal Makers(13) 

Office J. Scott Adams, CCIM, of CB Richard Ellis in Norfolk, Va., represented Armada Hoffler in the $28 million sale of a 220,501 sf office flex property in Chesapeake, Va., to First Potomac Realty Trust. Barry Oaks, CCIM, of Cushman

Diversion or a Direction? 

As the commercial real estate market recovers from the downturns of the early 1990s, compensation and service changes are occurring throughout the brokerage industry. Whether these changes mark a permanent trend or a temporary diversion, they are affecting clients across

Electronic Signature Advances Will Facilitate Online Business 

The world of electronic transactions has galloped far beyond the efforts of the legal community to develop laws that facilitate traffic on the Internet. Recently, Congress gave an unequivocal green light to those exploring the realm of electronic commerce. While

Environmental Risk: 10 Myths 

Buyers, sellers, borrowers, and lenders frequently misperceive environmental liability risk in acquisitions and financings. These misperceptions make it difficult to identify, quantify, and apportion environmental risk appropriately between parties to a transaction. This article identifies — and debunks — 10

Deal Makers(6) 

IndustrialBIG DealViktoria Telek, CCIM, and Edward J. Redlich, CCIM, of ComReal Miami in Miami assisted Costex Corp. in the $21 million purchase of several office warehouse buildings totaling 750,000 sf in Miami from an undisclosed seller. Duane Poppe, CCIM, of

Employee or Independent Contractor? 

For many years, it has not been clear if salespeople working in real estate offices are employees or independent contractors. The distinction has considerable implications for all concerned. An employer is required to withhold money from paychecks for such things

Drawing Conclusions About Graphics 

Publisher is just one of the many hats that commercial real estate professionals wear today. Though they may not be creating books or magazines, very likely they are publishing Web sites, producing printed property fliers, or sending photographs to Web

Exposing Yourself on the Net 

If you have e mail and a Web site, you may think you’re fully accessible on the Internet. If you don’t have a presence on the Net, you may be skeptical about its ability to generate business for you. In

Easy Access 

CCIM Members Like me, I’m sure you know colleagues who are interested in the CCIM designation but don’t have the time or schedule to commit to the program. Now we’re making it easier for industry professionals to accelerate their participation

Financing Fine-Tunes Its Game 

In the financial arena, 2001 started turbulently. The Dow Jones industrial average and NASDAQ plummeted, dot coms vanished as quickly as they once appeared, and layoff and unemployment percentages rose to heights unseen in years. Yet despite the general bad

Defeasance Decision Checklist 

Loan defeasance is an option for many commercial real estate owners. The following checklist can help property owners when making a defeasance decision. 1. Determining eligibility. Do the loan documents require defeasance in order to obtain a release? Has the

Design/Build Decisions 

Asking 20 people to define the term design build likely will solicit 20 different answers. Some will suggest architecture and construction. Others will describe consulting and brokered services. Each individual definition struggles to describe an industry that has grown far