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Unlock Value - Find Your CCIM 

Meet Ankur Patel, CCIM. When you're a real estate investor needing underwriting, hiring a CCIM is the quickest way to capital. Whether it's getting a higher appraisal on a project when no comps exist or structuring deferred loan payments during a downturn in the economy, CCIMs like Ankur apply their 160 hours of CCIM training to every loan. When you hire a CCIM, you're hiring the best investment specialist anywhere. Find your CCIM today.

Guidance for Rent Relief Requests and Other Commercial Real Estate Tenant/Landlord Issues 

While the full effects of the COVID-19 pandemic remain to be seen, commercial real estate professionals need to be prepared. Relationships between tenants and landlord will be disrupted as millions of people shelter in pace, thousands of businesses close their doors, and the U.S. economy faces its biggest challenge since the 2007-2008 Great Recession.

Cycle Forecast-21Q3 

Q321 Cycle Forecast — Real Estate Market Cycles

Glenn R. Mueller, PhD. | Published Nov. 2020

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Fall 2020 Governance Meetings Schedule 

The Next Generation 

The commercial real estate industry needs to strategize for the arrival of 5G, which will revolutionize communication demands of office and multifamily tenants.

Grinding to a Halt? 

In this 2020 legislative update from CCIM Institute's public policy team, they answer the question, "Can congressional leaders pass meaningful legislation amid impeachment and election tension?"

Market Trends 

Debt rises with banks holding the most | Amenities in industrial facilities | The continued appeal of grocery-anchored shopping centers | Vertical care for seniors | Growth in office asking rates | Netflix's growing investment in property and equipment assets | Apartment demand high in 2Q19

New Year, New CIRE 

In debut of the redesigned CIRE, hear about the 2020 captial markets outlook, opportunities in the cannabis market, a legislative update, the impact of 5G on CRE, how to successfully prospect, and more.

Waste Not, Want Not 

Globechain Founder May Al-Karooni shares how in just five short years, her company has become a fast-growing marketplace that connects businesses, charities, and people that want to reuse unwanted items, the majority of which are typically disposed of or recycled by businesses. 

Zoom Instructional Guide 

Instructional guide for using Zoom for virtual meetings.

Pot of Gold? 

The $1.4 billion legal cannabis industry packs promise for commercial real estate pros. CRE professionals who have worked in the cannabis field agree on one strong point: It’s essential to be well-versed in both state and municipal laws and ordinances governing the business, because they are the primary tools for regulating where and how businesses can operate.

Sunny With a Few Clouds 

CCIM Institute Chief Economist KC Conway shares his CRE capital markets outlooks for 2020. The forecast for commercial real estate markets in 2020 is promising, but investment will require sophistication to avoid potential pitfalls. 

Charlotte Restaurant Recommendations for 2020 Governance Meetings 

CCIM Zoom Virtual Backgrounds Kit 
2020 Midyear Agenda Items of Interest 
You're Not The Hero 

When it comes to building and sustaining your business, storytelling is a crucial aspect of successful prospecting. But in these narratives, you are not the hero. Rather, you want to position your potential new clients in the center of their stories, while you fulfill the role of an empathetic, authoritative, understanding guide capable of helping them achieve a happy ending.

Richard Slaton, CCIM 
Richard Slaton, CCIM, is Senior Vice President within Bank of America Merrill Lynch’s Global Commercial Banking Group, Community Development Bank, in Atlanta. He provides financing, makes equity investments, and develops real estate, as well as deliver other creative financial products in low- and moderate-income areas across the country, working with individuals, government, non-profit organizations and business.
Virtual CE Packet 

CONTINUING EDUCATION PACKET Continuing Education (CE) Credit S tate real estate commissions have updated their continuing education policies to accommodate virtual and online courses during this period of remote learning. State commissions continue to provide CE for our classroom courses. Continuing education credit

CE Student Attestation form 

Student Attestation form for continuing education credit.

CE Student Affidavit 

Student Affidavit The exams are designed to earn credit toward the CCIM designation of the CCIM Institute. To protect the integrity of this course and the exam, you are asked to read the following statements. By submitting the exam for grading, you are indicating that these statements are true. Any violation of the fol

Lydia Bennett, CCIM 
CCIM Institute Instructor Lydia Bennett, CCIM.
10 Biases in Retail Investment 


Recognize cognitive tendencies, also known as biases, that will affect decision-making when pursuing a retail tenant.


Safe Travels 

Rick Garlick, vice president at Magid, details how trust is crucial to hospitality rebuilding business and attracting customers back to imperiled properties.