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Lobby by Design 

Much is written in the media on how today’s workplace has changed, becoming a hub for collaboration and socialization, but there has been little focus on how this affects the office building. Thinking has shifted away from the traditional paradigm

Pop Goes Retail 

A pop up lease is more than just a new name for a traditional short term lease. The power of new media, along with the effects of the Great Recession, has created fertile conditions for a new breed of short

Hold or Sell? 

The real estate market collapse resulted in countless distressed condominium developments. Lenders are often asked to fund failed condo development completion costs and home owner associations’ operating deficits, with little promise of a positive performance. How do they determine whether

Walk to Work 

Research and market observations have revealed that the new generation of employees is clear on what they want out of the ideal office space — with many of the preferences manifesting outside of the company’s walls. Employees want to be

Retail Revival 

Wikipedia lists about 200 regional grocery chains in the U.S., comprising thousands of stores. Each one is in a constant battle for survival. Competition plus consolidation means that even strong chains are forced to close marginalized stores with unprecedented frequency.

Negotiate to Win 

I used to think that I was a good negotiator. I thought that I had been born with an instinctive knack for negotiation, imbued with gifts that made me capable of representing my clients better than anyone else out there.