Corporations Advised to Examine Workplace Quality

Companies should examine how effectively workplace policies and practices meet the needs of employers and employees, according to CoreNet Global’s corporate real estate industry advocacy statement, which is based on responses from 7,500 CoreNet Global members. Ninety-three percent of senior-level commercial real estate executives believe the quality of work environments and work experiences are the most important issues companies must address. The statement emphasizes the importance of employee wellness, engagement, and satisfaction in relation to productivity.

“The new job No. 1 of corporate real estate executives is enabling work and creating the conditions for employees to engage more fully with their co-workers and their companies’ strategic plan or direction,” says Jim Scannell, senior vice president of administrative services at The Travelers Cos. “Mobility and other technology advances are blurring the lines between work and personal lives, making effective work practices a lifestyle-management question, not only a series of work-related activities,”

Economic, demographic, and technological factors are changing the types of flexible workplace strategies companies need to bolster employee wellness. “Addressing the quality of work environments and work experiences is becoming a form of risk management against a reputation-driven landscape,” according to the statement. CoreNet Global advocates for the collaboration of the corporate real estate industry with counterparts in human resources and information technology in creating better measures for monitoring workplace effectiveness.