Poland’s Newest 29 CCIMs Pinned in Warsaw

Posted on Dec 12, 2017

CCIM's newest 29 designees were honored by CCIM Institute and their local members during a pinning ceremony on Nov. 22 in Warsaw, Poland. Proctored by CCIM Institute Senior Instructors Joe Fisher, CCIM, and Todd Clarke, CCIM, the number of CCIM designees in Poland grows to more than 280 members. 

“In countries with no formal qualifications for real estate certification the CCIM designation becomes even more relevant,” says Fisher. “Wearing the pin clearly distinguishes them with the mark of a highly qualified and knowledgeable commercial real estate professional.”

Clarke played a pivotal role in initiating the relationship with Poland when he became the Institute's first ambassador there in 1998. The first CCR and Comprehensive Exam was organized in 2003 in Krakow under the leadership of Fisher.

More than 15 years ago, the Polish Real Estate Federation (PREF) merged their licensing and real estate associations into one group. But in 2015, to decrease the unemployment rate, Polish legislators removed all licensing requirements.

“Our partner, the Polish Real Estate Federation (PREF), its leaders, members, and our new designees clearly understand the value of a top-notch education that separates them from an unregulated industry,” says Clarke.

For recently pinned Pawel Koltun, CCIM, the designation brings both prestige and increased opportunities to cultivate global relationships.  “In Poland the CCIM designation allows me to reach large international clients and strengthens my position as an expert.”

As one of CCIM Institute's oldest international partners, Poland continues to help promote and establish the CCIM designation globally with PREF President Andrzei Piorecki and Vice President Janusz Gutowski visiting CCIM Institute in Chicago last month to discuss continuing opportunities for growth.

“Prior to 2016, the CCR and Comprehensive Exam were held every two years,” says Fisher. “We now have yearly exams.” 

Celebrating its 50th anniversary, CCIM Institute is a global community of 13,000 members, more than 50 chapters, and 30 countries that educates and connects the world's leading experts in investment strategy, financial analysis, and market analysis.

Daniela Abuzatoaie | International Operations Manager
pr@ccim.com | (312) 321-4518