CCIM Crowdfunding Course Covers the Impact of New SEC Regulations

Posted on May 10, 2016

Significant changes are coming to crowdfunding, according to CCIM Institute senior instructor, Gene Trowbridge, CCIM, who teaches “Crowdfunding in Commercial Real Estate.” The techniques taught in this workshop will cover the new SEC equity crowdfunding regulations, which become effective on May 16. The course will be taught June 23-24 in New York City and Sept. 22-23 in Chicago.

 “In 2015, $1.6 trillion was raised in Regulation D under the Securities Act, and all of that money can be categorized under the umbrella of crowdfunding,” says Trowbridge, attorney and founding partner at Trowbridge Taylor Sidoti, LLP.

For the first time since the Securities Act of 1933, companies will be able to legally seek investments from ordinary Americans without the complication and rigor of a public stock offering.  Students will learn about the changes in ways money can be raised after the implementation of rule changes and whether this is a method of fund raising they can use effectively.

“Ever since the JOBS Act was passed, we have been waiting for these regulations,” Trowbridge says. “Through this CCIM course, we will cover the advanced real estate syndication techniques used and the ways that crowdfunding can help raise money from multiple investors to do commercial real estate investing, and to do it legally.”

The new changes also bring regulatory concerns. “The rules of raising money under this format make it expensive and problematic,” Trowbridge says. “Another problem is that all this money will go to start-up businesses. Regulators believe this is an absolutely perfect place for fraudsters. The course will cover these risks, as well as others.”

The CCIM crowdfunding workshop will cover structures of cash distribution to investors and compensation plans for the sponsors and also include luncheon forums detailing how investors can use self-directed IRA and 401 (k) plans to invest in syndications.

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Samuel S. Moon | Media Relations Manager | (312) 321-8554