Academy Participants - 2014

Wolf Baschung, CCIM

The JWL Leadership Academy is teaching me interpersonal skills for leadership and group interaction as well as pin pointing my areas of leadership strengths and weaknesses. For anyone involved in running a business or an organization the tools learned in the JWL Academy are really indispensable. The JWL Leadership Academy touches on many facets of running and leading organizations and really gives us the basis upon which to continue building our leadership and organizational skills for the rest of our lives. The skills we learn are applicable in many areas of our communal lives, be it small business, non-profit, or on the home front. The JWL Leadership Academy encapsulates what is so great about CCIM from beginning to end, which is that it helps us become better commercial real estate practitioners, better business people, and more ethical, better human beings in all areas of our lives.

Lydia Bennett, CCIM

Prior to attending JWL Leadership Academy I thought I knew how to be a leader and, to a certain extent, I did. I was lacking in many good skills that I didn't even know I lacked. JWL Leadership Academy allowed me to really be introspective and look at what my leadership style was, and then decide what I do well and - the hard part - where and how I needed to improve. I'm a much better leader now; certainly more patient, a better communicator, and able to integrate many ideas (not just mine) into how I work with others. I'm grateful for the opportunity to be able to participate in this executive training. Thank you, CCIM, for providing JWL Leadership Academy.

D'etta Casto Deleon, CCIM

I was excited to hear that I had been selected in the JW Levine Leadership Academy. I had several reasons but the main goals were to help with my leadership skills and be able to develop a close network within the class. Admittedly, I was a little jealous of the bonds I heard from others who had graduated the academy. My “aw-ha” moment was when the facilitator explained the differences in the generational differences. Managing multi-generational workforces is an art in itself. Young workers want to make a quick impact; the middle generation needs to believe in the mission, and older employees don't like contradictory attitudes or feelings. I have enjoyed getting to know some better than I already did and getting to know some I had never met. I see a lifetime of friends from this group.

Alan Davidson,CCIM

The JWL Leadership Academy is an opportunity not to be missed for every CCIM, regardless of experience, background, profession or age. The concepts covered are applicable in any situation, from work and community to family. You'll have the opportunity to build relationships with leaders from all over the CCIM network. Participating in the 2014 JWL Leadership Academy was the most significant event in my professional development since becoming a CCIM Designee.

Susan Earnest, CCIM

I am grateful to have been selected to be a part of the 2014 J.W. Levine Leadership Academy and to share the experience with other CCIM professionals from all around the country. It was a pleasure to learn more about each of my classmates' interests, as well as the various fields of expertise that we embed ourselves in daily. It has given us an opportunity to collaborate and to grow our relationships in the CCIM organization. Being involved in this program allowed me a chance to assess my leadership strengths and weaknesses and then provided me with the tools on how to improve them. The instructors and guest speakers were knowledgeable, and often entertaining, in guiding us to become better leaders. I appreciated this experience and look forward to being able to step out as a better leader in my career and community.

Glynnis Fisher-Levitt, CCIM

What an experience to have been a part of the JWL Leadership Development Academy! Coming into this I wasn't really sure what to expect. I had heard that it was great and that everyone should do it if they had any interest in serving nationally. But mostly I had heard comments around the great people you got to know, the new friendships developed, the interesting activities designed to make you think. All of those things are absolutely true. But there is also a lot that is learned about how to lead and how to follow, no matter where you sit today. In the class of 2014 there were several people who were currently serving or had already served in important roles within their chapters and at the Institute. They already had strong leadership skills and were already using those skills productively. But at the end of the program, all I can say is that no matter where you are in the development of your leadership style and skill set, you will come out of the Jay W. Levine Leadership Academy better!Better than you were in building a productive team; better than you were in thinking creatively; better than you were at planning strategically; better at executing on ideas and strategies; better at knowing how to work with staff and within the departments of the Institute; better grounded in who you are as a leader and what you stand for, better than you knew you could be

J. Max Hamidi, CCIM

Over the past few months, I gained an understanding and appreciation for the inner workings of the Institute and the staff and volunteers that make it happen. I learned how to take control of my business by terminating relationship with some unprofitable accounts and run my business effectively. I met many, many great friends during these travels and seminars that I know will be forever. Last but not least, I finally learned what COLLABORATION meant, and that is when your aim is to make the Institute successful, (in any project), you help others in your team to succeed, And as a result, everyone in the team and the organization will succeed.

Ellen Hsu, CCIM

JWL Leadership Academy provides the tools you need to become a great leader and best resource in the program are the people in the class. Many of the exercises can be instantly applied to improve our business practice. Overall, this program will allow each of the participants to have all the tools and resources they need in order to become great leaders in their business and/or organizational setting.

Gary N. Hunter, CCIM

Through the exercises and activities, the Leadership Academy experience for me helped develop the ability to trust my team more and the confidence for my team to trust in my leadership as well.

Joe Larkin, CCIM

I would encourage anyone that is interested in advancing in a leadership position to explore the many benefits of the JWL Academy. The Academy provides each participant with the opportunity for individual achievement and the opportunity to develop one's potential through leadership training, teamwork, creativity, and the opportunity to demonstrate individual leadership style. The Academy paves the way for leadership opportunities and Self-actualization. You will build long lasting relationships with your classmates and more importantly it's a lot of fun!

Walter Lui, CCIM

The Jay W. Levine Leadership Development Academy has been an incredible experience for me! In a yearlong program, it was so much more than the general leadership training. There were topics focused on textbook leadership training, many open discussions on leadership situations and solutions, strategy training, business process improvement, meeting with the CCIM Institute leadership about past experiences, lessons learned and their vision for the future. Unique and thought provoking team-building exercises were also a very important part of the training. We learned how to trust our partners. The most important of all, I was fortunate to meet and work with 15 extraordinary individuals coming from every corner of the nation. I achieved 15 lifelong friendships.

Bobbi Miracle, CCIM

The relationships with my fellow classmates will last for years to come. I have enjoyed working in the groups with so many diverse personalities and experience levels. Each session, I have found a take away that has made me a stronger leader and often times it was from listening and hearing feedback from the comments of others within the group discussions.

K. Teya Moore, CCIM

The JWL Leadership Academy is primarily organized to develop leaders to serve not only CCIM on all levels within the organization but also the communities where we live and work. Throughout the year we enhance and better define our leadership skills while developing bonds and professional relationships that last a lifetime. The interaction with classmates, CCIM National, the CCIM leadership and staff is indelible. A worthy endeavor for anyone looking to grow professionally and within the CCIM family.

Roman Petra, CCIM

The JWL Leadership Development Academy brings together exceptional candidates to help inspire the next generation of leaders within the Institute. The course is an interactive learning environment, which reviews and applies the different leadership theories to organizational challenges. The program does an excellent job identifying the different types of leadership styles and explores the advantages and disadvantages of each style. We learned techniques that could immediately be applied at work and within the organization. I was fortunate to have been part of the JWL Academy.

Jessie Rich-Greer, CCIM

The Jay W. Levine Leadership Academy was a fantastic mix of professional development and personal contribution within the CCIM culture. The leadership techniques and hands-on demonstrations were second only to the instructors providing content and personnel managing the academy. The ability to coordinate with the CCIM national staff and volunteers provided valuable insight for the vision of CCIM and the ability to parallel that vision to the local chapter level.

A. David Schwarz, CCIM

The Jay W. Levine Leadership Development Academy has been a great experience. The program was designed in a way to effectively demonstrate and teach me how to be a more effective leader, not only within the CCIM Institute, but also within my professional and personal life. I feel privileged to have been selected for this program and know the investment will pay dividends. In addition, I have made some lifelong business connection and friends across the county and that alone has been worth it.