Academy Participants - 2011

Carmen Austin, CCIM
Jay W. Levine has proven to be a wonderful experience for me. I thoroughly enjoyed networking with my peers, learning so much about myself and my interaction with others, and embracing my leadership potential. The power of team work is immense and I am glad that the Institute embraces the importance of this in a business and leadership environment. Each and every component of the program was beyond my expectations as far as quality, content, and overall inspiration to do great things! I encourage each and every designee who is granted the opportunity to take advantage of these tools and programs that the Education Foundation provides and to remember to give back in the future.

Ace Baker, CCIM
It was fantastic to take some time away from my busy schedule and reflect on concepts of leadership and teamwork. The biggest takeaway for me was probably the necessity of understanding who you are working with in order to communicate effectively and drive results. In addition, the public relation/media session with Peter Mosca gave me very valuable insights about how to communicate more effectively with the public. Lastly, a huge benefit of this program lies in its participants. I am really looking forward to staying in touch and solidifying these relationships.

Tim Blair, CCIM
The Jay. W. Levine Leadership Development Academy has been a great experience. The relationships, the knowledge, the insight into CCIM Institute have all been invaluable. It has been a privilege and an honor to be a member of the class of 2011. I only hope I will be able to repay the Institute for inclusion in this program with years of service down the road. Also - Susan and Jodi are great!

Eddie Blanton, CCIM
I have enjoyed the J.W. Levine Leadership Development Class. It's provided me with a tremendous amount of insight into leadership, the CCIM Institute and also regarding myself. The Birkman Reports, the Team Building exercises and the Networking with our fellow class members has been a great personal experience for me. I know that I now have many new tools in my personal tool box. We have established lifelong relationships with those in our class. Lastly, I feel fortunate to have participated in the 2011 J.W. Levine Leadership Development Class. Thank you CCIM for providing this program so that all of us had the opportunity to participate!

Randy Boughton, CCIM
I have thoroughly enjoyed my experience in the Jay W. Levine Leadership Development Academy. The networking has been incredible and I have learned something valuable from each of my classmates. The inside look at the workings of the CCIM institute will help us to not only define our future roles within the institute but will show us how to work within the framework of the board and committees to better serve our fellow CCIMs. I am very thankful for having been selected for this opportunity and I will do my best to live up to the responsibility of growing our Institute.

Andrew Chan, CCIM
Leadership opportunities are presented to anyone, in any place, and at any time. What sets a leader apart is how he responds at that moment. The Jay W. Levine Leadership Development Academy program has taught me exactly that. It has also instilled in me guiding principles of leadership which will enrich my personal journey as a leader for life. The friendships and business relationships fostered with future leaders from all over the continent will be asset for my personal life and real estate career.

Robert DiPietrae, CCIM
Participating in the Jay W. Levine Leadership Development Academy is an eye opener. There is insight to be gained by understanding how we approach influencing others and how and why we are influenced by others. Effective communication on our part and a view into what motivates those around us are certainly key elements of leadership. These are the things that the Jay W. Levine Leadership Development Academy bring to the table in a nonthreatening environment. This insight and the skills learned at JWL are powerful commodities in our personal, social and business worlds. And the personal bonds that are forged between classmates are the kind of friendships that last. This is a very worthwhile program and one that I was fortunate and proud to have participated in.

Steve Edrington, CCIM
Participation in the Jay W. Levine Leadership Development Academy is essential for future leaders of the CCIM Institute. Although our time was limited, JWL concentrated and distilled essential leadership skills and made the most of every minute we spent together. It's intense! In addition, we built relationships with current and future leaders of the CCIM that will help move the Institute forward but will also impact our business and personal lives. I especially appreciated the work we did with the Soderquist Center identifying individual Communication styles and then developing those skills further with help from Peter Mosca. All the staff at CCIM was fantastic. Aside from meticulous organization, it takes real skill to develop each person's talents and build a cohesive team at the same time. I highly recommend the program if you plan to be part of CCIM leadership, whether at the national level or your local chapter; you will be better for it and so will your organization.

Lauri Greenblatt Hines, CCIM
I have learned a great deal about the Institute and its leaders. I have also gotten some terrific training on leadership, team building and public speaking. Last but certainly not least, I have made some wonderful friends who are part of my CCIM family!

Greg Harris, CCIM
Participating in the Jay W. Levine Leadership Development Academy has taught me a lot about myself and has greatly assisted me in growing as a leader. I have made lasting relationships with my other classmates and it was great to be able to meet and talk with the leadership at CCIM during our sessions.

Ryan Harrison, CCIM
The JW Levine Academy has far exceeded my expectations. It promotes personal growth and enhances the students' basic business skill sets using everyday practical applications. Perhaps one of the most successful byproducts of the program is the strong relationships created between talented individuals across the nation. I would highly recommend the program to anyone in the growth phase of their career and interested in personal development.

Karlos McGhee, CCIM
The Jay W. Levine leadership Academy has afforded be a great opportunity to grow both Personally & Professionally within the Real Estate Commercial Investment/Brokerage Community. The Soderquist Center & Peter Mosca sessions were the most memorable takeaways that I have from this experience. I would highly recommend this program to other CCIM's and my fellow colleagues within the Real Estate Community.

Shadd Phipps, CCIM
The Jay W. Levine Leadership Academy has offered me the opportunity to meet and build relationships with future leaders of our industry and the CCIM Institute. The program helped me better understand my strengths and weaknesses as a leader and how to overall improve them. Peter Mosca's session on public speaking and effectively dealing with the media were enjoyable, useful and helpful. I will value the professional and personal relationships I have gained through this experience the most.

Jan Wilking, CCIM
I greatly enjoyed my participation in the 2011 J W Levine Leadership Development Academy. Among the many benefits to me are the insights I gained about myself, the role my leadership skills play in the development of a team, and how to bring out the maximum contribution from each team member. I now have a greater appreciation of the CCIM Institute, its goals and objectives, and it's incredibly dedicated staff. I highly recommend the development academy for any CCIM seeking to continue their personal and professional growth and development.