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Leverage the latest in education technology to optimize your learning experience. Build it with blended.

Blended Learning

Blended (Online + Classroom) Courses

CCIM Institute's blended learning course format is the next frontier in the CCIM education platform. The format is designed to create a richer, more transformative knowledge experience to help power your career.

Blended is a dynamic mix of face-to-face, virtual, and individual learning that immerses you in the most advanced methodologies brought to you by the organization that created the language of global
real estate.

In a blended course, you'll start with four weeks of immersive online instructor-led learning and virtual class sessions to learn core concepts before applying them to real-world scenarios in a day-and-a-half in-person classroom capstone. Learn more:

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The blended course format provides the best of both worlds: online flexibility and in-class connections. 

The blended class format offered the perfect mix of flexibility and hands-on experience. I felt the online class sessions prepared me very well to maximize the in-class experience and really hit the ground running with my peers. For the schedule conscious real estate professions, I would certainly recommend the blended format.

- Jamie Adams
I am happy I took this course. The classroom (case study) helped me the most to understand, apply, and retain the information we learned.

- Casey O'Malley
The blended learning experience was very positive. I really enjoyed the capstone portion, where we were able to use the skills and content learned in the e-learning segment and apply towards group collaboration.

- Derek Larson

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