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From the core program to the many elective courses, the institute’s educational offerings give designees the knowledge and practical skills to compete in a difficult market. As Maggie Gorden, CCIM, notes, “The courses are demanding, but the rewards are infinite.”

Need a Reboot?

The past few years have been challenging and taking the CCIM courses “rebooted” my thinking. CI 104 highlighted financial analysis items that I immediately incorporated into our existing APODs. And CI 102 seems straightforward, but many smaller investors aren’t doing such extensive analyses. I don’t think a comparable professional education course exists.

June Paek Farahan, CCIM

Competitive Edge

The value of the CI 103 and CI 104 skills used in a lease transaction is almost indescribable. Acquiring this knowledge enabled a small, Redding, Calif.-based partnership to compete successfully with a very large national corporation.

Janice C. Cunningham, CCIM, CRE

Hear Opportunity Knock

The CI 102 course taught me how to recognize opportunity. A market analysis of La Vernia, Texas, determined that the health and fitness segment was lacking. My team secured a national gym franchise to occupy the remaining space in one of our La Vernia properties.

Alex Johnson, CCIM

Keeping It Real

CCIM courses are more focused on real-life application. My greater understanding of commercial real estate investment decision analysis has helped substantially, specifically reflecting current economic conditions.

Brian D. Frank, CCIM, GAA

The ROI on ROI

I consider a continuing education program called How to Develop a Neighborhood Shopping Center to be my big break. The most important concept I learned was return on investment. I always recommend that young people get involved in the CCIM program. It is the best ROI for your money.

Van Corr, CCIM

Ahead of the Gains

There isn’t a day that goes by when the subject of capital gains taxes doesn’t come up. I am able to differentiate myself from the competition as well as offer a valuable service to my clients because of the capital gains expertise I picked up in CI 104.

Michael P. Jakubiec, CCIM

Million-Dollar Concepts

I credit my first million-dollar transaction to a concept I learned in CI 103, which saved an otherwise dead deal.

Suzanne Scott, CCIM

Challenge the “Experts”

I took the CCIM course on 1031 tax-deferred exchanges to assist a client who wanted to sell a tax deed. The client’s attorney dismissed the 1031 option. But with the help of a study that my CCIM instructor conducted, the attorney reversed his position and apologized. The CCIM courses were what I needed to bring my clients all of the options and to fend for myself against attorneys and CPAs.

Gary Sisler, CCIM

Commission Tuition

After learning cash-flow analysis in the CI 101 course, my partner and I used the concept to convince a buyer to meet our client’s price. The commission we made from that one deal paid for our remaining CCIM courses, which were without a doubt the best investment I have ever made in my business.

David Buurma, CCIM

Career Advice

I loved CI 101, where I learned how to do a lease comparison analysis for a client to show him that a current deal was going to cost him an additional $25,000. I can walk into any room and any meeting and be confident I am providing the best financial advice for real estate transactions.

David Schnitzer, CCIM


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