CCIM Connections Continued(2)

In the March/April 2010 CIRE magazine, CCIMs discuss what they like about MailBridge, a proprietary networking and listing service available at Here’s what other CCIMs have to say about MailBridge.

MailBridge helped me close a $1.7m deal in November. -- Thomas G. Morgan, CCIM

We have had great responses to MailBridge listings. It is a powerful marketing tool when compared to our competitors who do not utilize this tool. We love to show the seller how many CCIMs received e-mails on their properties. -- Lee Y. Wheeler III CCIM

I use the MailBridge system for getting answers to questions and ideas on how to do something. Once I was looking for property management software because we were in the process of changing vendors. I put out a question to the group and moments later I was getting a lot of really good feedback from many of my CCIM brethren. -- Steven Wright, CCIM

I had a request for a client on a 1031 exchange worth over $20 million. I sent a request to the all-company Sperry Van Ness network and received five or six responses. The next day I sent the same request to CCIM MailBridge and received 50 to 60 responses. I am hopeful in securing two to three transactions from the MailBridge network. -- Robert L. Hudson, CCIM

With the market so fragmented and in disarray it is now more important than ever to get engaged and involved with all the tools CCIM has to offer. MailBridge lets me see opportunities and check wants and needs abroad and over the entire country. It has resulted in several excellent connections with fellow CCIMs with clients looking for properties I have been marketing. -- Garry Cuff, CCIM

STDBonline and MailBridge are invaluable to our business. As director of real estate for Express Oil Change & Service Center, I use both functions on a weekly basis. Whether I am scouting a market, looking to hire a broker, or simply pulling demographic reports, I rely on these services to efficiently cover the South Eastern markets. -- Jeff Yetter, CCIM

I have used MailBridge several times. Just a couple of months ago I asked for information regarding a specific company I was in discussions with. I received several replies directing me to fellow CCIMs who had vast experience dealing with this potential tenant. It helped me represent my owner better, knowing all the parameters that this company usually demanded and what points were negotiable and what points were deal breakers. Armed with the information I was able to help educate the property owners to understand what was usual and customary for this tenant. This resource gives you access to solutions and to some of the best minds in the business! -- Daryl A. Crotts, CCIM

When I was in the employ of a large publicly traded equity REIT, there seemed to be a person or a department for anything one would need. I didn't think I needed "technology" other than someone to fix my cell phone or Blackberry. But for the past four years in my boutique firm, it is not like that at all. "You think it, you do it" is one of our mantras.

Who needs technology? I DO! And MailBridge and STDBonline have not disappointed in the least. I have been preparing national marketing materials (aided by STDBonline) and reaching out almost solely to fellow CCIMs (through MailBridge) to sell and close investment properties at roughly an average clip of one per month. All my sales so far have been sourced through fellow CCIMs. -- Rob Murdocca, CCIM

I use the STDB and MailBridge on a regular basis. In addition to being an economical vehicle for giving my properties exposure, they also help me learn what is going on in the other parts of the country. I also use STDB and MailBridge features in my listing presentations. I design a demographic report specifically for my seller’s property and give it to my seller along with samples of MailBridge e-mails that I receive from all over the country. Then, when I get an inquiry on that specific property, I forward it to my seller to show him that we are indeed getting exposure on the Internet to a really sophisticated group of commercial Realtors. -- Lawrence L. Davis, CCIM

I'm a candidate but already I’m using the CCIM network. I'm working on three out-of-state deals that became opportunities for my clients thanks to the CCIM MailBridge system. The e-mails sent across that network contain a wealth of information full of opportunities. No longer am I limited to my region and the people I've met along the way in life. Now, I can work on stuff around the country with other professionals whom I know I can have a degree of confidence in because of their CCIM designations. -- Joseph P. Mims

MailBridge assists my team in:
1. Marketing our properties to a broader qualified audience and
2. Winning listing presentations by offering it as a tool that produces results.
Being a CCIM member often helps me turn a cold call/deal into a friendly call/deal. When talking with a prospect or another broker and we find out that we are both CCIMs, the warmth of the engagement shifts to: “We can get this deal done.” -- Andrea L. Davis, CCIM

The MailBridge system is a phenomenal tool. I probably shouldn't say this, but I've connected with more CCIMs through it than at partner events. -- Frank O'Connor, CCIM

I am a new CCIM. The MailBridge function has worked very well for me. To be able to send out an e-mail to 6,000 plus CCIMs at no additional cost is tremendous. The responses to the blasts have been very impressive. -- Robert K. Fisher, CCIM