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A message from the global president of CCIM Institute.

Tim Blair

We have all heard plenty about “the new normal” since COVID-19 upended the world more than a year and a half ago. What has become abundantly clear is that what’s normal will change, but we still find comfort in experiencing things as we did before the pandemic

For me, October’s 2021 Annual Governance Meetings and CCIM Global Conference offered a refreshing experience of getting back in a room with my colleagues to discuss the future of our organization and our industry. It reminded me that people are what CCIM Institute is about and what fuels our passion in what we do.

Our work in Pittsburgh wrapped up with the inauguration of 2022 CCIM Institute President Leslie G. Callahan III, CCIM, and the 2022 management team. Our organization is in great hands with this group of exceptional professionals and people.

But the moment also allowed me to look back on my year at the helm of CCIM Institute. The pandemic presented CCIM Institute and every one of its members with unprecedented challenges. Those obstacles are certainly significant — but they pale in comparison to how we responded to them. It was inspiring and, on a very practical level, life-changing for many people trying to survive and thrive in commercial real estate.

One tool that continually helps our community prepare itself for the future is the magazine you have in your hands (or on your screen). This issue of Commercial Investment Real Estate, for example, provides powerful articles that can help prepare CRE professionals on what to expect in the industrial market. (Note: Its future looks bright!) Other stories investigate construction trends across sectors, CRE technology and CRE’s COVID-19 response, and investment in mobile home parks.

Commercial Investment Real Estate podcast is another avenue to access content not found anywhere else. In a recent episode, you can hear CCIM Institute Senior Instructor Soozi Jones Walker, CCIM, SIOR, discuss the nuances of lease risk and negotiations — a topic that’s timely with the instability related to the pandemic. She knows her stuff, and you have access to it right at your fingertips.

In the end, I’d like to thank all of you for your support, understanding, effort, and enthusiasm this past year. I’m humbled by the resolve of CCIM Institute — something that will serve us well moving forward. 

Timothy S. Blair, CCIM
2021 CCIM Institute President
Contact him at

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