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Times Are a Changing

A message from the global president of CCIM Institute

Barbara Crane, CCIM

To say we live in an era of unprecedented change is an understatement. Whether it’s technology, property use, consumer behavior, or supply chain, to name a few, there’s no safe haven in commercial real estate from the widespread changes affecting the industry.

They say change is inevitable. I say that it’s more of an evolution. Evolution forces us to grow and become stronger, more skilled, more sophisticated CRE practitioners. And it’s that sentiment that serves as the backbone of CCIM Institute. Never stop learning. Stay ahead of trends and changes affecting the industry. But we take it one step further by translating all that information into powerful education and tools to make your evolution as painless and convenient as possible. 

Look no further than CCIM Institute’s Ward Center for Real Estate Studies to see this driving principle in action. You’ll find a fairly comprehensive offering of courses that reflects all these industry changes — each taught by a successful CRE professional who shares real-world applications to help jumpstart your evolution.

In this issue of CIRE, evolution also is front and center. The cover story shares insights from CCIM Institute’s chief economist on the ever-changing economic factors at play in the industry.

In other stories, hear about the microunit evolution in the multifamily sector and how commercial real estate is changing in Mexico. 

Charles Darwin said it best, “It is not the strongest of the species that survives, not the most intelligent. ... It is the one that is the most adaptable to change.” I invite you all to adapt and thrive together with your CCIM community.

Barbara Crane, CCIM

Barbara Crane, CCIM, the 2019 CCIM Institute President, is a commercial real estate broker and consultant in San Antonio. Contact her at

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