Chapters: A Grassroots Connection

Also during the late 1970s, CCIM Institute chapters began to flourish. The chapters are groups of CCIMs and candidates within a geographic or market area, who hold meetings and functions at the local level for the purpose of sharing information and augmenting the benefits of the national program.

At the end of 1979, there were 40 CCIM chapters, covering all 50 states. These chapters have continued to grow in number and gain in strength, numbering 58 at the beginning of 1989.

The chapters have continually been supported by a strong and active committee structure at the national level, beginning with a chapter forum established in 1979 and chaired by L. Melvin Johnson. Prior to 1979, a single RMMI Chapter Activities Committee had overseen programs for both CCIM and CRB chapters.

During the early 1980s, as the chapters were gaining momentum, many other CCIMs, including Chuck Trowbridge, Jim Dunn, Tony Perry, Raymond Gottlieb, Martin Edwards, Joseph Stettinius, and Ronald Myles, were instrumental in helping the chapters develop as a vital part of the CCIM program.

Over the succeeding years, the chapters have become more active, with their membership ranks growing alongside the Council's. Also, a well-managed chapter related committee structure has evolved, with work groups, information sharing sessions, and business meetings.

In 1988 the chapters grouped themselves into 11 regions nationwide, with regional vice presidents holding seats on the Governing Council (the official name of the Council's governing body) to represent their regional and chapter constituencies and to provide two-way communications between the local and national levels. Within the regions, conferences and other programs are held to provide a variety of educational offerings and marketing sessions, as well as social events, which members acknowledge as important in building new friendships and business contacts.

Chapter 5: Building and Changing

Chapter 7: The Earning of Autonomy