Chapter Social Distancing Resources and Guidance

Tools and Programming to Improve Chapter Engagement During Social Distancing

During this unprecedented time, the institute has fast-tracked resources to help chapter leaders continue to deliver ongoing value to their chapter members. This page provides a list of new tools, resources, and programming to assist you in these efforts. This page will be updated as more information becomes available.

For more information regarding professional guidance around COVID-19 and its effects on commercial real estate professionals, visit the institute's Coronavirus (COVID-19) Resources and Guidance page.

New Resource: Zoom Enterprise for Chapters

Zoom is an enterprise-grade communication platform for video and audio conferencing. Chapters can meet virtually with high-quality video and screen-sharing capabilities. Whether for your board meeting or a chapter-wide networking and education events, Zoom has a capacity of 500 participants per meeting, allowing you to deliver most of your chapter programming online. Only one Zoom account/license per chapter.

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Watch Now:  Zoom Overview and Best Practices for Chapters webinar (April 15, 2020)

Ideas for Virtual Chapter Programming

Zoom meetings can help fill the gap of cancelled in-person chapter meetings, lunches, happy hours, and educational events. Here are some ideas for educational events, social events, and training that you can offer your chapter:

Tips for Running Effective Virtual Chapter Programming

  • Ask everyone to be on video if you can, allowing members to connect with each other visually.
  • Check your environment, lighting, and camera angle, and make sure you have a strong Wi-Fi connection.
  • A headset/headphones are best and help you avoid talking over others speakers.
  • Encourage members to use the chat function and check it frequently for comments/questions.
  • When needed, don't be afraid to mute all to eliminate background noise.
  • Even though it's virtual, you still need a moderator/facilitator to keep the meeting on track.

Tips for Presenting Content Virtually

  • Have a clear structure for your presentation - a beginning, middle, and end.
  • Consider logging in from a second computer so you can see what others see, or consider a dry run ahead of time with someone else or on another computer you may own.
  • If presenting slides, print a high-level outline of key talking points for each slide and consider memorizing talking points for your opening and close.
  • Begin the presentation with the agenda to set the stage and continue with a “grabber opening” to capture attention.
  • Keep your slides simple! 
  • Use body language, such as hand movements, and vary the volume, speed, and pitch of your voice.
  • Make the most of your voice. Speak with volume, clarity, and articulation.
  • Speak with enthusiasm. And smile. It will always come through.
  • To create an individualized intimate sense, use the word "you" as if you are speaking to one person. Instead of saying “Can everyone out there here me." Using "you" taps into the individual need, and using "we" taps into the group need.
  • Stop regularly to tell short stories, ask questions, take a poll, tell a joke, give your audience a small task, and so forth. Just keep them awake and interested!
  • Limit your presentation to 30-60 minutes if possible, unless it's a training program.
  • Have a co-host or a moderator when possible to make it more engaging.

Reminder: All CCIM Institute Members Have Access to Online Productivity Tools

G Suite

Now more than ever, staying connected to clients, tenants, or investors is critical. G Suite is an ideal solution that allows you to collaborate with associates, quickly share information with clients, and work across all your devices - wherever you are. Check out all the apps and tutorials, including Google Meet and Hangout for business conferencing and Google Docs and Drive for secure access to all your info on the go. 

To support CCIMs and institute candidate members during this difficult time, we're encouraging you to take advantage of this great benefit. Visit and click "Sign Up" under "Get an Account." (Candidates: Disregard the designation number field.)

To learn more about all that G Suite has to offer, check out pre-recorded tutorials online at For questions, please contact Ken Brown at

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CCIM Institute members have access to an operational platform that includes significant discounts on travel, printing, CRE technology, and more. 

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