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Press Release
Press Release
Posted March 27th 2015

CCIM’s newest 146 designees were honored by the CCIM Institute and their local chapter members during a pinning ceremony and cocktail reception on March 24 during the CCIM Institute Midyear Meetings at the Fairmont Hotel in Chicago. The new CCIMs hail from diverse states and countries and have varying degrees of experience in commercial real estate.

“CCIM is the best in the business of commercial real estate, and I want to be known as an experienced young broker, not just a young broker,” says Britney Mroczkowski, CCIM, chair of the Education Committee in the Florida West CCIM Chapter. “I believe the CCIM is the equivalent of a master’s degree. It’s not as expensive, however, and I did not have to quit my career to earn it. The knowledge I gained through CCIM expanded on my undergraduate training in real estate.” Now working for Colliers International in Tampa, Fla., Mroczkowski  completed her CCIM course work in the three years since she graduated from Florida State University with a bachelor’s degree in real estate.

CCIM candidates are encouraged to join their local chapters to gain access to the top real estate professionals in their markets. “The networking through the CCIM Chapter adds another dimension,” says Mroczkowski, who also received two scholarships through her chapter.  “We can do deals together, and I have developed great friendships.  I had a team rooting for me the whole time.”

“The CCIM designation enhances my skills and allows me to stand out in my local real estate community,” says Hector Martinez, CCIM, from El Paso, Texas, and a member of the CCIM Greater El Paso Chapter. Currently at River Oaks Properties in El Paso, he has been involved in commercial real estate for five years and has been working to earn the CCIM designation for four years.

On the other hand, Frank Vora, CCIM, finished his CCIM designation in seven months because of his 12 years of experience and his zeal to complete it quickly. “Having the CCIM designation opens more doors,” says Vora, a member of the Greater Southern California CCIM Chapter who works for Progressive Real Estate Partners in Rancho Cucamonga, Calif. “Before I had bits and pieces, but now I have a full understanding of how to analyze a market and the properties within it.”

Reuben Robin, CCIM, will be one of about 120 CCIM designees in Los Angeles and belongs to the Greater Los Angeles CCIM Chapter. “My knowledge is more in-depth, and now I look at deals in a different ways,” says Robin, who works for Concord Real Estate Services Inc. in Beverly Hills, Calif., and started his journey to earn the CCIM designation seven years ago.  “I know to pass on some deals and realize others are great.”

Visit CCIM Institute’s Facebook page for more details and photos of the 2015 Midyear Business Meetings and new designee pinning ceremony. Learn more about earning the CCIM designation

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