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Press Release
Press Release
Posted October 23rd 2014

The CCIM Institute congratulates the graduates of the 2014 Jay W. Levine Leadership Development Academy who were honored at the organization’s Fall Business Meetings in Los Angeles this week. Named in honor of Jay W. Levine, CCIM, the Institute’s first president and second designee, the nine-month program is designed to build the skills and self-knowledge participants need to fulfill leadership roles within the Institute as well as in their communities and professional careers.

CCIM’s Leadership Development program includes a blend of on-site and web-based sessions that incorporate the core competencies for effective leadership in association, business, and community settings. Academy participants focus on understanding and applying leadership principles and techniques to further their personal and professional leadership development goals.

Special recognition was given to K. Teya Moore, CCIM, who received the 2014 Susan J. Groeneveld Award of Excellence for his exemplary work with the 2014 Jay W. Levine Leadership Development Academy.

CCIM Institute congratulates all of the graduates for their accomplishments:

Wolf Baschung, CCIM

Lydia Bennett, CCIM

D’Etta Casto-DeLeon, CCIM

Alan Davidson, CCIM

Susan Earnest, CCIM

Max Hamidi, CCIM

Ellen Hsu, CCIM

Gary Hunter, CCIM

Joe Larkin, CCIM

Glynnis Fisher Levitt, CCIM

Walter Lui, CCIM

Bobbi Miracle, CCIM

K. Teya Moore, CCIM

Roman Petra, CCIM

Jessie Rich-Greer, CCIM

David Schwarz, CCIM

The 16 participants in the 2014 JWL Leadership Development Academy have an average of 16 years of experience and represent the brokerage, lending, attorney, asset management, and consulting segments of the commercial real estate industry. Six of the participants have served as CCIM Institute Regional Vice Presidents and 14 have served as CCIM Chapter Presidents.

Learn more about CCIM Institute’s Jay W. Levine Leadership Development Academy.

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