Florida CCIM Chapter Launches Storm Relief Campaign for Puerto Rico CCIMs

Posted on Sept. 26, 2017

“Operation PowerAide” to deliver generators and essentials to Puerto Rico CCIM members and their families.

The Florida CCIM Chapter has initiated a disaster relief campaign to deliver immediate assistance to Puerto Rico CCIMs and their families left without power by recent storms. Named " Operation PowerAide," the Florida chapter members will send a shipment of more than 30 generators and essentials to the island. 

“In Florida, we understand from personal experience how essential even small amounts of power can be after serious hurricanes,” says 2017 Florida CCIM Chapter President Scott Lloyd, CCIM. “Every dollar of every contribution will go directly to help pay for the generators and other essential items for CCIMs and their family members.”

Co-organizing “Operation PowerAide” is Chere Roane, CCIM, who serves as RVP for Region 8 which includes Florida and its neighboring Caribbean Islands. 

“The devastation in Puerto Rico differs from the recent storms we have experienced in Florida,” says Roane. “You cannot drive away to another state when you are on an island and they are currently without essentials like running water.”

Roane is currently working with JetBlue Airways Corporation to coordinate delivery of the generators to San Juan later this week. Clearance for landing space has been a challenge as all functional airports are currently being reserved for governmental airlifts and the Red Cross. 

“Florida's eight regional districts are joining in the campaign but we urge all CCIM members and friends to contribute,” says Roane. “Part of earning the CCIM pin is the feeling of belonging to something great, and I can't think of anything greater than helping your fellow CCIMs in times of need.”

Contributions can be made via Operation PowerAide's GoFundMe page.  


Samuel S. Moon | Media Relations Manager
smoon@ccim.com | (312) 321-8554