CCIM Inspired to Run For Atlanta City Council

Posted on Feb. 14, 2017

The successful election of President Donald J. Trump to our nation's highest political office is inspiring several commercial real estate professionals to pursue public office. Many are calling this the “Trump Effect,” and Kirk Rich, CCIM, is hoping his more than 20 years of experience in the commercial real estate industry can help him win a city council seat in Atlanta's sixth District.

“Being a successful businessman, Trump has shown the public's desire for nonpolitical and more business-savvy skill sets for elected officials,” says Rich, who is a past president of the Georgia CCIM Chapter. “I was not a Trump supporter and I don't think the “Trump Effect” is a major impetus, but I do believe that the attributes of commercial real estate professionals, especially CCIMs, serve the public very well in community leadership.”

Atlanta has experienced strong, steady growth in recent years, but that growth and development is putting pressure on the city's infrastructure, particularly the transportation systems. Rich believes his experience in the industry will be an asset on a city council whose primary focus is urban planning. 

“Because of the analytical skills obtained through our designation, CCIMs could be extremely effective,” says Rich. “Large scale developments within major urban areas require a much higher understanding of the financial components, which CCIMs are already experts in.”

Rich believes many business people become frustrated with regulation and other community related issues. With more urban areas having a growing need for increasingly complex development and planning, this will open the door for more commercial real estate executives who understand the process to become more involved.

“Whether on a local or national level, professionals who can analyze problems from all directions, especially financial, are desperately in need,” Rich says.  “There is unlimited opportunity at all levels for effective engagement.” 

Samuel S. Moon | Media Relations Manager | (312) 321-8554