CCIM 50th Anniversary President's Desk

50th Anniversary

President's Desk


It's a celebration of CCIM Institute's 50th birthday in 2017, and we will be honoring that event by providing greater service and benefits to our members. Look for new add-on opportunities such as the Snazzy Travel program to be expanded and significant new vendor benefits along with course enhancements and new course offerings through the CCIM Institute Ward Center. The traditions will continue to grow in the spirit of CCIM founders. 

A significant priority will be to improve education by looking at our delivery methods and content. During the year, CCIM leaders will be critically viewing all that the Institute does to seek improvement and opportunity to keep us on the cutting edge of our profession. For CCIM members, refresh your skills with multiple tools, which are available as member benefits. Simply visit and go to the members only section.

A few specific items to expect in 2017 include:

  • enhanced education initiatives to provide members  with new opportunities for education and growth within the profession;
  • expansion of the commitment to CCIM's overseas sponsors to support the delivery of education in a more  comprehensive manner, continuing our efforts to establish CCIM as the gold standard for commercial real estate practices around the globe;
  • enhanced member benefits and discount programs,  saving members money and supporting their businesses; and
  • improved designation promotion and support for  CCIM chapters.

Few organizations possess the rich, dynamic history of CCIM Institute. The 50th anniversary celebration provides us with an opportunity to tell the world the CCIM story through our history, allowing us to return to the roots of our original mission. Be a part of the celebration; wear the CCIM pin, learn the story, and share it with others throughout our industry.

It is a new era at CCIM Institute. Thank you for allowing me to serve as your President during this pivotal year and for your support in accomplishing our audacious 50th anniversary goals.


Robin L. Webb
2017 CCIM Institute President

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