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Tertiary markets

Big Deals in Small Markets

by Rich Rosfelder
Casey Weiss, CCIM

As prices climb ever higher in primary markets, commercial real estate investors are making their way to non-core markets in search of better returns.

Playing the Small Market Game

These 5 moves can increase your odds for success.
by Alex Ruggieri, CCIM

Working in small markets poses many challenges, but perhaps the greatest obstacle to overcome is thinking big about marketing and building your commercial real es

Minor Markets, Major Gains?

Investors look to secondary and tertiary markets for class A product with higher returns.
by Beth Mattson-Teig

Communities such as Des Moines, Iowa, Durango, Colo., and many lesser-known cities in between are bursting with commercial real estate investment acti

Main Street Marketing

Relationship-building strategies boost business in small towns.
by Carolyn Bilsky

Matt Redd, CCIM, owner of Redd Properties in Lake Charles/Sulphur, La., doesn't remember what sparked the idea for his company's trademark marketing s

It's a Small World

Working in Small Markets Requires Expertise, Flexibility, and Commitment.
by Sarah Hoban

"I'm lucky,” says Lynn Mitchell, CCIM. “I live in one of the most beautiful places on earth, and I still get to do business.

On the Edge

Ample Land Offers New Development Prospects Outside Metropolitan Areas.
by Beth Mattson-Teig

Commercial real estate professionals searching for land opportunities are finding that the grass is greener on the periphery of major metropolitan areas.

Smart Moves in Small Towns

Creative reuse strategies help put local communities on the map.
by Bryan J. Paulsen

As the economy revs up, many small towns fear being left in the dust of retreating businesses and citizens looking for opportunities in larger cities.