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Understanding Corporate Structure

Knowing Companies' Specific Needs Can Help Brokers Win Business.
by Sam Foster, CCIM

Corporate real estate departments all wrestle with common issues, including how to meet the needs of their internal clients, reduce occupancy costs, and use the corporate as

Help! I Need Somebody

Hiring a Personal Assistant Can Improve Productivity and Profits.
by John A. Shaw, CCIM

Hiring a personal assistant to help boost productivity may sound appealing to many commercial real estate professionals.

Done Deals

Four Brokers Meet the Challenges of These Noteworthy Transactions.
by Marilyn Abbey

Some demanding commercial real estate deals take a year, some take two, and occasionally one takes a decade.

Buy in to Buyers Brokerage

Agreements to Represent Buyers Can Pay Off for Brokers.
by Terry Moore, CCIM

Twenty years ago, investment brokers accepted open listings as the standard way to sell property.

No-Lose Negotiating

Keeping the Other Side in Mind Will Improve Your Success at the Bargaining Table.
by Gary G. Tharp, CCIM

"You just have to put last things first.”

Be a Team Player

Discover 10 Building Blocks for Relationships That Let You Work Smarter.

We used to say, “If you're in the door, you're in the deal,” but in the current fast-changing atmosphere, that isn't the case.

25 Tips for a More Profitable Year

Watch Your Business Grow With These Productivity-Boosting Ideas.
by Sara Drummond

What better time to plant the seeds of success than at the beginning of a new century?

Secrets of Successful Presentations

Industry Pros Reveal How to Make the Best Impression.
by Kelle L. Larkin

A fantastic presentation doesn't just happen.

Helpful Hiring Hints

Learn to Make the Right Decisions During the Recruiting Process.
by Barbara Stevenson

Help wanted: Commercial real estate company seeks professional with strong sales and people skills and considerable indu

That's Entertainment!

Learn How to Mix Business and Pleasure to Foster Client Relationships.
by Sarah Hoban

Donald Eaton, CCIM, CPM, entertains clients in a bucolic setting — on his boat on a New Hampshire lake.