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For Candidates Only

This is your single source for all things related to the CCIM candidacy. You'll find information on upcoming deadlines, details on completing the CCIM designation program, a quick-link to the designation course schedule, and more.

Designation Calendar

Location Portfolio
Due Date
Course Concepts
Review (CCR)


Fall - Hyatt Regency Austin   Aug. 3, 2015 Sept. 7 2015 Oct. 27-28, 2015 Oct. 29, 2015 


Chicago - Fairmont Jan. 15, 2016 Feb. 24, 2016   April 3-4, 2016 April 5, 2016


Fall- Grand Hyatt Atlanta in Buckhead Aug. 3, 2016 Sept. 21, 2016

Oct. 26-27, 2016

Oct. 28, 2016

Portfolio of Qualifying Experience

For many candidates, an approved Portfolio of Qualifying Experience is one of the last steps before earning the CCIM pin.

Comprehensive Examination

The Comprehensive Examination tests your knowledge of the key elements from CI 101 — CI 104 and is the final requirement to earning the CCIM designation. The full-day exam is preceded by an optional two-day Course Concepts Review.

Earning the Pin

Earning the CCIM designation distinguishes you as a commercial real estate expert. Familiarize yourself with the requirements for earning the CCIM pin.  

Know Your Benefits

As a candidate, you have access to technology tools, information, and other benefits that can help you in your career. These benefits are listed on the membership pages.

Financial Analysis Spreadsheets

You are learning how to use CCIM Financial Analysis spreadsheets in your CCIM courses, now continue to use in your business. As a current candidate member, you have access to current versions of the CCIM Financial Calculator and the DCF Financial Calculator from your Member Console.

To access, log in to then click on "My Account" to access your Member Console page.   Locate the Financial Analysis Tools link.

Course Schedule

Access the most up-to-date list of designation courses coming to your area. More than 250 courses in 50 markets are offered each year around the world and online, ensuring you have access to the courses you need when and where you need them.

Guidelines for use of CCIM Institute Candidacy

In order for the CCIM Designation to continue to represent only those professionals who have completed all designation requirements, we've compiled guidelines for candidates to follow. All candidates must adhere to these guidelines to remain a candidate in good standing with the CCIM Institute.


Once you register for a course, you can log in to eCampus Learning Management System. Pre-study materials, downloadable course reference manuals, discussion boards, and other resources are all available on eCampus.